High Wycombe, The River Wye And Queen Victoria Road Bridge c.1955

High Wycombe, The River Wye And Queen Victoria Road Bridge c.1955

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Memories of High Wycombe, the River Wye and Queen Victoria Road Bridge c1955

Evacuee From London

Dear Sir/Madam. I am at present researching my childhood days at 86,Easton Street Boys Hostel, High Wycombe. I do remember walking to school with other boys alongside the Wye River. The name of that school escapes my memory. Unfortunately my parents were in the army during that period so a visit was few and far, the hostel authority's address at that time was 87, East End, High Wycombe. All info I have gathered from London Archives 1995. I was then a resident of Denmark so letters and the odd journey to London were few, but I acquired some faded copies of aerial photos and scraps of written material. Fortunately with my Windows 7 lap-top & google earth I can move faster and photos. Alas I moved (like ...Read full memory

Memories of High Wycombe

High Wycombe, England

Went shopping on these streets many times in the 1960's, was happy to see when visiting in 2012 that not much has changed.

A memory of High Wycombe by sedona.7


Mike Pusey is right about the Technics but I was the original drummer.Bruce Moore was a guitarist and Colin was also on guitar.Only Mick stayed on because the rest of us were too poor to buy the expensive equipment to go to the next level I would be very pleased to hear from any of the original members on freycr@hotmail.com Chris Frey

A memory of High Wycombe by freycr

Wartime Wycombe

Evacuated here just before the war, I went to Wycombe Preparatory School for six months. I later went to the High School, which was then up Amersham Hill. The School Sports field was at the top of the hill, adjacent to the boys' Grammar School. I remember leaving classrooms to go , very calmly and in an orderly line, to ...Read full memory

A memory of High Wycombe by Ann Martyr

Dairy In Mill End Road

I am writing this on behalf of my husband Tim Langridge (he doesn't do computers) He moved to High Wycombe in 1945 his father had a Dairy in Mill End Road. He went to Lyndhurst Kindergarten School until he was 7 then went to St Davids College opposite the Station until he was 11 then went to Mill Road School until he ...Read full memory

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