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Memories of Hoccum

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Shropshire memories

Childhood Memories

When I was living in Wolverhampton my friend Betty's family moved to live in a caravan in Rindleford. I used to catch a bus to Bridgnorth and walk along to Rindleford taking bathing costume and swimming cap with me. It seemed almost a magical place to me since we lived in a busy town. I can remember we used to swim in the mill pond - wouldn't be allowed now I expect ! Wish I had photo but didn't have a camera then. Hoping to have a Shropshire holiday in July and will visit Rindleford.

Living in Quatford 1944

The Church of St Mary Magdalene c1960, Quatford
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My Grandma lived in Quatford soon after my dad had been born, in a house that is no longer there because the new A road was built where it used to be.  Her name was Edith Mildred (Millie) Ganderton, Nee Stealey.

My Gandparents Lived in Quatford

The Church of St Mary Magdalene c1960, Quatford
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My grandparents and great grandparents lived in Quatford and I remember going to stay in the summer during the sixties, seventies and eighties with my sister. They lived in a cottage on a hillside above the village called "The Wyches ". My grandmother was Violet Oliver. She is buried in the graveyard with Cecil Oliver her husband. My mother Sheila Oliver and her brother Charles remembered visiting as children. They remembered the americans offering them 'gum' as they came through on the old main road. I remember visiting the Danery and someone called Hilda down the lane. I enjoyed walking through the woods and walking along the main road to buy an icecream in the summer. My grandmother didn't have a fridge. They used a cave at the back of the cottage to keep things cool.

Worfield School Dinners

During 1956/57 my parents lived at Oldington, off the Bridgnorth road and my local school was at Worfield.

I was 6 years old at the time and attended the school there with my older cousins, Olive, Micheal and Alan Woodifled.  We were picked up by the bus at the top of the lane and it chugged its smoky way down to the school in Worfield. I loved it there. Such a cosy, intimate place. The most memorable thing about the school was lunchtime when we always seemed to have a huge jug of creamy custard and fantastic biscuits with our dessert.  Delicious.

I  loved the village and return often to see what, if anything, has changed.

Many of my friends have held their wedding receptions at the Worfield Village Hall and I ALWAYS look forward to such occasions.

Carrol Kelly nee Woodfield

Major's Cacti Gardens, Worfield

As a child in the 1960s I recall being taken to a Colonel's (or Major's) cacti gardens in Worfield. It was quite an affair as I recall. I also recall when the owner died he insisted the whole place was destroyed - the cactus burnt etc.  Can anyone recall this? I have googled, but nothing pops up.

My Uncle's Grave

This isnt really a memory as such but I'm after some help if anyone can. My uncle died before I was born and he was buried in Worfield. I know from my aunty that he isn't buried in the main graveyard but further up the hill, in a different graveyard, but unfortunately, his grave is unmarked. I just wonder if anyone has any type of record of burials in Worfield in the early 1960s. He was only 14 when he died and his name was Michael Barlow. I hope that might jog some memories.

My dad's family travelled the world as my grandfather was in the RAF and they were stationed at RAF The Hobbins which it was known at the time.

I'd love to know where his grave is so I can pay my respects. My family is all over the place, I don't speak to my dad (his brother) and my grandma is in a home and is completely un-compas-mentas.

It's a long shot but... Read more

Sir Oliver Lees Cacti Garden

I remember going to the Mexican gardens at Worfield, I'm sure they were owned by Sir Oliver Lees and there was a Mexican band.

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