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Happy Times at Holcombe Devon

Village 1903, Holcombe
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My Gran and Grandpa  had a cottage in Holcombe Village "shrimp Cottage" at the top of the hill.
This cottage was later left to me, but I sold it in the 60s during the slump!!!

I have some wonderful memories of the sea wall and the steam trains puffing along side. I remember getting lifts back to the cottage on Richards motorbike!
And of Dawlish dancing to jazz bands in the Grand Hotel.  
The Funfair, Pier and beach at Teignmouth, and many rides on a boat named Restless.
All still there but the cottage has a different name and I am older in body but not in mind!

Devon memories

High House

Can anyone help me find the history of the above .It was used by the old London County Council as a Children's Home. It was run by a couple called Mr & Mrs Upton who were very nice to us and I wondered what happened to them. I used to go to Dawlish Secondary School and I also used to go to the church by the Lawns in the town centre and the Air Cadets which was run by a Mr Murch. If anyone can help please I would appreciate it very much. I really enjoyed my time there so if any one remembers me please contact me at Thank You

1950 Till 2013

I am 70 now and since 1950 have visited Teignmouth regularly, what lovely memories this place has for me. My childhood visits with Sunday school coach outings from Norton Fitzwarren in Somerset, I am sure many others reflect on those simpler times when we were happy with little. Many other visits with mum and dad in our 1936 Wolseley, each trip almost an adventure. Then my youth in the 60's camping at Smugglers Lane Caravan Park run by Denis Fairweather, and camping also at Oaklands Dawlish run by Miss Copp. I vividly remember about 1964 a dance in the Den Pavilion when there was a disturbance between two girls who knocked the fire extinguisher off of the wall. As it fell it set it off, it had a short flexible nozzle on it and the foam was spraying everywhere as the band carried on playing 'The House of the Rising Sun' by the Animals, totally ignoring the disturbance. I return regularly to Teignmouth and every time a plethora of wonderful... Read more

Heather And Gorse Clog Dancers Entertain at Teignmouth Triangle

The Parade 1903, Teignmouth
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There is a beautiful wide paved area at Teignmouth Triangle which is a natural focal point to meet people and maybe sit and chat on one of the many benches nearby. This was the venue chosen by the Heather and Gorse dancers to put on a display of clog morris dancing along with their band of accordians and melodeons.

The dancers kit of blue dresses black waistcoats and dancing clogs attracted the attention of passers by and there was soon a gathering of interested spectators. This was my very first opportunity to play my accordian for Heather and Gorse and it was a magical morning as dancers, musicians and spectators all seemed so friendly - even the sun shone warmly on this November day and I was able to play my accordian in just shirt sleeves!

Teignmouth Folk Festival 2008

The Triangle 1922, Teignmouth
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A weekend long folk festival in June attracted crowds of spectators to the street entertainments around Teignmouth and also to the concert performances in the Carlton Theatre.

Many of the entertainers were morris dancers performing at the Teignmouth Triangle. The "morris sides" at the festival included Heather and Gorse Clog Dancers- a Devon based morris dancing group with dances and tunes from the north west of England. They looked very smart with their shiny black clogs stepping out the rhythm of the lively jigs and polkas played by their band.

There were several venues around the town set aside for music and dancing so this special tenth anniversary folk festival was a happy and succesful occasion. The largest of the dance venues was the Teignmouth Triangle - the view above is now rather different as the area has been beautifully landscaped with paving and seating to make a traffic free haven in the centre of the town. There must have been hundreds of spectators watching... Read more

Music And Clog Morris Dancing on The Promenade at Teignmouth

Promenade 1936, Teignmouth
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One summer evening in July I met my music and dancing friends on the promenade at Teignmouth to play my piano accordian for the Heather and Gorse Clog  Dancers.

It was a cool but dry evening with few holidaymakers about but as soon as the dancers began their entertainment it took only a few minutes for the promenaders to stop to watch and gradually form a crowd around us. I particularly remember two families from Ireland as their children just loved to dance alongside us and joined the band with some of our spare instruments. Their parents snapped away with cameras to record the kiddies' fun! They had never seen any clog morris dancing before and were amazed.

We began soon after 8 o'clock and as the dusk fell on us and the gathering crowd, the promenade illuminations were switched on. It was a lovely evening which we rounded off with a walk to the end of Teignmouth Pier as it got dark.

Auditing The Tolls

Shaldon Bridge 1922, Teignmouth
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Plymouthian Edward (Ed) Vosper's second wife, now Mrs Doreen Skidmore was interviewed in March 2009 and recalled that my grandfather (Ed Vosper) used to work for the Bayly Estate in Plymouth. He worked in the Estate Office retiring in August 1934 after 38 years service with the family. Doreen says that Ed would go twice a year to Shaldon Bridge Tollhouse, not to collect the tolls, but on a sort of audit to check that the tolls were correctly charged and to ensure no-one was missed out. Ed Vosper kept a record of all traffic and then compared the numbers with the toll collector's takings at the end of the day.
(Comment: one wonders if in fact he viewed the toll gate from the main road above the tollhouse close to where the photographer was standing in the photo).  

This story was confirmed when the daughter of tollhouse keeper Mr Tucker was interviewed in 1981 by reporter Monica Wyatt of the Teignmouth Post & Gazette. That interview revealed... Read more

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