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Memories of Hollingbourne

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Kent memories

The Bearsted Boys

I have put 1947 but infact it is from earlier than that to 1954.

I think this was a great place for us as kids as we had freedom and not much parental control, I think mainly due to our parents who had just survived the war years, and thinking how lucky we were all to be alive and not under Hitler.

One of my memories was being lifted from the tin bath to watch Spitfires chase 'doodle-bugs' over the village.

I remember sleeping under the table made from steel with mesh around so if we got bombed we may survive. I also remember a shell or bomb going off very close to our house and we as kids were digging the shrapnel out in the morning, the blast broke tiles from our house and the blue tits nested in there every year.

If they had any money for a drink they met with others from the village down at the Royal Oak, and got... Read more

From 1944

Memories from that long ago tend to stick in the back of the mind until an association brings them out. Being a small child, the village green at Bearsted seemed gigantic and the village pond was just a pond. We used to paddle in the pond up to the top of our wellies, hoping that the water wouldn't run over the top and give us wet feet. The green was a favourite gathering place for a lot of children. One particular place was the village pump. There was no pump, only accomodation which looked like a church lich gate with seats around the inside. As kids we had a lot of freedom to wonder the local fields and the golf course. We even went as far as the hills where there was a ruined church/castle. In those days we didn't appreciate the archaeological value of a castle built of flint stone which had fallen into ruin and was largely buried, even tho' there was a standing wall with an arch.Read more


I was evacuated to Bearsted about a week before the outbreak of the last war. I lived at the White Horse Inn on the green, it was run by Mr & Mrs Brook they had a daughter called Tinkle (nickname). I was very happy there and stayed for the duration of the war. If anyone knows where Tinkle lives now I would be grateful if you could let me know, the last I heard she and her husband were living beyond Bournemouth somewhere. I went to the little church school on the green then passed my scholarship and attended the old girls Grammar school. We were not integrated with the Maidstone girls we had a couple of the rooms upstairs. I went to visit the school a couple of years ago but it was no longer there. I always have a soft spot for Bearsted that's where I grew up. I now live about... Read more

Otham School

l started my first school in Otham in1935 at the age of four, l was living with my grandparents opposite the school called Primrose Cottage. l then moved with my mother and two brothers and sister to the Vicarage Cottage next to the vicarage until 1939 when we moved to Gillingham. My grandfather worked for the Betts family as a shepherd for 35 years. And my mother and her sisters and brother all went to Otham school.

My Ancestral Home

I'm American and live in Northern California. This is my first trip to England and I'm hoping to visit Bicknor. My great-great-grandfather was the Vicar of Bicknor. His last name was Seager; I never knew his first name. I have a watercolor of the vicarage where he and his family lived. The Vicar and his wife had 4 sons - Robert, Charles, Edward and Edmund Seager. All were graduates of Oxford University. The two youngest were twins and emigrated to Ontario, Canada. One of Edward's children was Mary Seager, my great-grandmother. I have about 30 letters, dated in the 1870's, written by Edward to his daughter after she was married. She married Charles Muldoon and emigrated to Buffalo, New York, where Charles operated a tobacco store. They had 9 children amd my gradmother, Cecelia Muldoon Huebner, was the youngest. I've heard about our roots in Bicknor all my life and I hope to see it soon.

Detling Village

My brothers and I attended Detling Primary School in the 1970s. Mr. Chidgy was headmaster and lived in the schoolhouse joined onto the main school hall, then later Mr. Cuthbert. We sat on the wooden highly polished floorboards of the victorian school hall floor for assembly, ate our school lunches and had PE lessons in that hall. The inside walls were painted brick above wooden head high wainscotting. I remember the "new" school classrooms and playing filed being built in the late 70's. The whole school closed around 2005 I believe. The village shop was called "Ratleys" after it's owner and the post office was down the street - now converted into a house or flats. We had harevst festival and nativity plays in the church presided over by the Reverend Hare. I was married in St. Martins and my father's ashes lie in the churchyard. There was a police house and we had a village bobby. The Cock Horse had 3 x bars, the public, saloon and another - it... Read more

Parsonage Farm, Bredgar

The Street c1955, Bredgar
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I lived next door to John Veitch in Pond Farm Road, Borden. Sadly John passed away many years ago... John and his brother Sid owned Parsonage Farm. I spend as many hours as I could on the farm and can still smell the smell of the cows and in the summer the harvesting of the wheat. The tractor driver was John Luckhurst, he allowed me to ride on his tractor all the time. Health and Safety would have a fit these days... I was told that John Luckhurst also passed away. I could not ride a bike so went everywhere on a triange scooter. We had a dog called Sooty who would, whenever he got a chance, run off to find a bitch in heat and I spent many hours scooting from Borden to Bredgar to find him and drag him back home.. This small enclave encompassing Borden - Oat Street - Bredgar was England at its best and for my part it is... Read more

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