Hopeman, Grampian
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In the 1950's, Pharelands on the Burghead Road out of Hopeman was a guest house owned and run by two elderly ladies, one of whom was called Beatrice. The name was pronounced 'Fairylands' at the time, and I wonder if it still is?

A memory of Hopeman

The Main Household

Watching my uncle making a lobster creel wow! never seen anything like it. The house was a large detached white house over looking Hopeman Harbour I think!. My mother and sister and brothers lived there throughout their childhood. My mother married Norman whom at the time of their meeting was in the Fleet Air Arm in ...Read full memory

A memory of Hopeman by Ken Ostler


Well, Your uncle that made the lobster creels was a well known local man called David, he was know as Davitee, and yes his house was a large house where he lived and kept his lobsters in his bath when he caught them. He was a great man, and a friend. His family are stll there, Jimmy Simmers, Ethel and Margret. David (his posh ...Read full memory

A memory of Hopeman by John Main