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Sunday School

The Church c1960, Hopeman
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I remember the large Sunday school with George King Main as superintendent. We had great fun, we were all in groups (colour, I think) - I was in the red team. We had great Sunday school picnics. I remember one picnic was at the same time as the World Cup and as it rained the men and boys were all huddled in a room listening to the games on the radio. We would sing on the busses going to and from the picnic usually it was something like 'You canna shove yer grannie of a bus!' Great times, great memories...


In the 1950's, Pharelands on the Burghead Road out of Hopeman was a guest house owned and run by two elderly ladies, one of whom was called Beatrice. The name was pronounced 'Fairylands' at the time, and I wonder if it still is?


Mine is not a memory but a request for information or old photos. I live in Station House (the old Station Masters house) and have only been able to find 1, unclear, photo of the house.

I would love to know of the previous residents here and photos.

Many thanks.


Well, Your uncle that made the lobster creels was a well known local man called David, he was know as Davitee, and yes his house was a large house where he lived and kept his lobsters in his bath when he caught them. He was a great man, and a friend. His family are stll there, Jimmy Simmers, Ethel and Margret. David (his posh name) would go out in all weather, and as a result was lost at sea on Christmas Day I think. They just don't make people like him any more. John Main Friend of Jimmy Simmers (nephew of David).

The Main Household

Watching my uncle making a lobster creel wow! never seen anything like it. The house was a large detached white house over looking Hopeman Harbour I think!.
My mother and sister and brothers lived there throughout their childhood. My mother married Norman whom at the time of their meeting was in the Fleet Air Arm in Lossiemouth. Following their marriage they came down to Portsmouth in 1952 I think and we have lived here in Gosport ever since.
During my childhood we visited the family a few times in Hopeman and my mother still has links with her nieces and nephews Margaret, Ethel and Jimmy. I just remember the hill and the harbour where my uncle David owned the Christine and we still have some photographs. Hopefully one day we will meet up again, you never know.  

Morayshire memories

Little Cross House, Elgin

Little Cross 1890, Elgin
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My great, great grandmother lived here. Mary Norris (Dick). She died there in 1922. I don't know how far back in the family this house went.

Looking For Family

Spynie Palace 1961, Elgin
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I am trying to trace the children or grand children of the late Charlotte Fisher of Main Street, Elgin. My mother was her daughter, Sophia Isabela, who sadly passed away last week. Any information would be appreciated.

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