Hopeman, Grampian
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Well, Your uncle that made the lobster creels was a well known local man called David, he was know as Davitee, and yes his house was a large house where he lived and kept his lobsters in his bath when he caught them. He was a great man, and a friend. His family are stll there, Jimmy Simmers, Ethel and Margret. David (his posh ...Read full memory

A memory of Hopeman by John Main

Sundays In Hopeman

Church attendance was compulsory for us an hour of fidgeting in between mam & dad oor riibs were black and blue with the putts we got for shifting aboot or cracking oor pandrop. John Thompson was the beadle he rang the first bell at 20 to the hour and the second at 10 to, in between he would have a puff on his pipe you can ...Read full memory

A memory of Hopeman by igmain

Sunday School

I remember the large Sunday school with George King Main as superintendent. We had great fun, we were all in groups (colour, I think) - I was in the red team. We had great Sunday school picnics. I remember one picnic was at the same time as the World Cup and as it rained the men and boys were all huddled in a room listening to ...Read full memory