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Fish Shop in Hornsey High Street

I was born in 1950 at Alexandra Park Nursing Home in Muswell Hill. My Mum and Dad (Ivy and Joe Abrahams) owned and ran the fish shop in Hornsey High Street and my Dad was not very pleased when Mum went into labour just before the lunchtime rush! I came home to live in the flat above the fish shop. It was a wet, dry and fried shop. My Dad used to have live crab on the slab in the front window and we had a tank on one side of the shop with live eels - sometimes school boys would let the eels out and my dad would have to chase them down the high street. When dad was frying, I used to sit on counter. One side of us was the butcher's shop run by a lovely couple called George and Lil, and on the other side was the greengrocers run by George Alders and his wife. In 1952 my Dad had a massive stroke when he was... Read more

Sydney Road N8.

The Town Hall c1965, Hornsey
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I was born in Sydney road Hornsey in 1946 and went to North Harringey junior school the headmaster was Mr.Patterson and remember all my teachers Mrs.Marsh,Mr.Lancaster,Mr.Howe and the amazing Miss.Nottingham who managed to get the whole class to grammar school and there were 45 to a class in those days!
Recreation time was spent playing out on skates and street games swimming pools at Hornsey open air,Tottenham lido and one at wood green where the smell of Bassetts sweets filled the air.
Ally pally,Queens woods,Finsbury park Ducketts common,downhills park were frequently visited always walking there and back. I have no idea how we found these places probably by word of mouth and all before I left London for Harlow New Town aged11!
I loved my childhood there but would never go back to live there it's changed too much but although I love living in the country I never forget my happy years in Hornsey as a child.


The Town Hall c1965, Hornsey
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I was at Crouch End Senior School and remember getting the cane from Mr Chapman for talking in the corridor. Teachers wee Mr Tricker who played for Arsenal in his younger days, also Mr Marks and Salter.

Blyth Mansions

The Town Hall c1965, Hornsey
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I was born in 117 Blyth Mansions, Hornsey Rise, in 1942 I think they had just been built. I remember playing in the flats with so many children, I wonder where they are all now. We used to have fights with all the other flats, Hill Rise, Laydon, Colman Mansions and 2 others but they were we classed as posh. Also the wooden bridge and all the alleyways. I went to Duncombe Rd School, and the Isledon, which was at the bottom of Hornsey Road. The School then joined with Tollington Park as they became comprehensive. I worked at Bravingtons jeweller for a while, then went to Herbert Manders a catering hire shop. I am now living in Bell Bar, just outside of Potters Bar. Before marriage my name was Ward.

Lived In Hornsey Before Moving to New Zealand in 1952

The Town Hall c1965, Hornsey
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I was born in 1944 and have a very clear memory of living at 37 Coleraine Road in Hornsey and, at the age of 7 1/2 emigrated with my parents, John and Ena Ridley to New Zealand. We lived with my father's parents and they continued living there until 1972 when my grandfather died. I have been back to visit once and hope to do so again in the not too distant future. I attended a local school but don't remember the name of it. My grandfather worked at the Bassett's Sweet Company and, ironically, my mother's maiden name was Bassett but no connection.

Crouch End (St Mary's School High Street Hornsey)

The Town Hall c1965, Hornsey
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I lived in 57 Avenue Road just off Crouch End Hill. I lived with my mother, father, sister Pamela and brother Gerald in two rooms. My brother was 7, my sister 12 and myself, 14. There were 6 families living in this house. Mum cooked on a stove literally in a cupboard. One bathroom was shared by all families. There was an outbreak of polio in the house which two families contracted. One little boy I believe was in the Kerr family, and he was paralysed. We were kept off school for 3 weeks in quarantine. We remained in this property for 3 years. We would walk through Crouch End down Middle Lane to St Marys School. The Headmaster was Mr Davies, Mrs Rogers taught us shorthand and typing, Mr Frith who taught maths and Mr Glass, I believe, taught science. I remember some pupils' names; Susan Rogers, Pat Brown, Joan Garside, David Brookes and Dimpna Hilliard. At dinner time, winter and summer all the pupils would walk to... Read more

Growing up in Muswell Hill

The Town Hall c1965, Hornsey
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I was born in Muswell Hill in 1960 and lived in Hampden Road. I went to Nursery and Primary School at Hollickwood School in Sydney Road. Spent many happy hours as I grew up sampling all the different ice cream flavours in Maude's Ice Cream parlour nearby! As kids, we would also dare each other to run through the Bus Garage without being seen and to try and sneak on a bus whilst it was being washed! I used to go to the library in Colney Hatch Lane, the Wimpy and Golden Egg in Muswell Hill Broadway - as a young adult the Minstrel Boy and Green Man pubs, also the Alexandra Arms in Cromwell Road. Often spent time in school holidays in Friary Park, Highgate Woods and Alexandra Palace. One of my first jobs was working at Ever Ready Batteries in Whetstone, I had to catch the 134 bus to get there. Also loved going to the Ritz cinema (where my Dad sometimes worked as a projectionist)... Read more

Tottenham Lane Post Office

The Town Hall c1965, Hornsey
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I worked as a telegram messenger at the post office in Tottenham Lane. We delivered telegrams on 250cc BSA motorcycles which covered Highgate Village. We used to go to the British Restuarant opposite Rokerly School & the YMCA building. I remember the V1 and V2 bombs dropping during the day time. I lived at Tivoli Rd, and remember a V2 landing in Palace Rd. I met my wife at a dance in Hornsey town hall with the Stan Davis band, this was in Jan 1949, after demob from the RAF, we celebrated our diamond wedding anniversary last December, now living in Cambridge.

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