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The Black Horse Hotel

The Cross Roads c1955, Horsham
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My granddad used to stay here and mum said it was a lovely Victorian hotel, very comfortable, it became a Trust House hotel, I believe but was pulled down in the early sixties. Amazing to think all the traffic to the south coast passed here! Congestion was a worry then, can remember the tail backs as far as Southwater in the summers!

West Street

The Bishopric c1960, Horsham
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Can you remember any Saturday morning? The smell of coffee at Wakefields Cafe, they did super cakes, people would call out to their friends as they walked past. It was very different then, we had time to talk to people, how it has changed - all rush, no time for anyone... that's progress.

The Bishopirc

The Bishopric c1960, Horsham
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What wonderful memories seeing this photo brings back. My aunt and uncle (Mr and Mrs J Piggott) ived at 6a Bishopric until it was modernised in the 1960s. Although the front door was between the sweet shop and Millidges all the rooms were spread over the first floor. It was a wonderful spacious flat having a large lounge overlooking the Bishopric as didtwo2 of the bedrooms and to the back the other rooms overlooked the small back garden and Piggotts large yard and warehouses. My uncle's family worked in this store for many many years. The shop was seperated from the house by two large green gates that opened inwards. I well remember Jock as he used to sing in his Scottish voice as there was an exit door underneath the kitchen window, it had a corrugated roof on it. Miss Carcases sweet shop a very small sweet shop and if I remember rightly she was a very small lady with glasses. Milledges was a real toy shop, we... Read more

Working in Horsham

Stan's Way 2004, Horsham
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I started my first job as apprentice upholsterer for S Bonella & Sons, they started in Billingshurst, but moved to Swan Yard in Horsham and then to Denne Parade in the 1970s. I worked there for twelve years, and still was good frends with the familly, we had a policeman on our beat, PC Palmer, who came in most weeks to see if all was ok. Good times in Horsham.


The Carfax c1960, Horsham
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I remember the underground toilets in the Carfax.


St Mary's Church 1929, Horsham
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I am just looking this picture of St Mary's church and tears are coming to my eyes as I remember the wonderful waiting that I had in this church. I am from Greece but as I fell in love with this lovely girl from Littlehaven I came to England in 1997 and I got married to her. But what shall I say? Our marriage didn't work out as she was only 17 years old and I was a foreigner and only 25 years old. We got divorced in one year's time, but I have never forgotten her, neither have I forgetten this lovely place, Horsham.

I Will Never Forget Rusper Road, Littlehaven

Rusper Road c1960, Horsham
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When I got married to my beautiful girl I stayed with her family for two months till we found our own flat. What a nice place the Littlehaven area is, I will never forget it for the rest of my life.

I Lived Here

Rusper Road c1960, Horsham
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This photo shows the old post office that was run by my Aunts Alice and Edie and Uncle Harry in the 1920s. I lived next door in number 57 till I left in 1939. Jim Hayler

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