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Memories of Hounslow

We used to have French students stay with us and at the end of their visit there would be a banquet at the old Town Council Centre in Treaty Road. I have happy memories of the boating lake at Inwood Park. We lived at Hounslow West and childhood life revolved around Beavers Park, the great open spaces, the games hut in summer, the dens we made in the perimeter bushes, the din of propellered aircraft overhead on their final approach to Heathrow. On Christmas Eve we'd head to Woolworths at Hounslow West to get presents. All those bob-a-job chores for the 12th Hounslow Cubs were spent in one great spree. I loved the shops at Hounslow West. There was a really nice china shop just a few doors away from The Odeon and a sports shop too. Lavelles was the sweet shop on the corner of Rosemary Avenue, opposite Timothy Whites. My father used to do painting work for Mr Stanley - the owner of Stanley Motors. We had some... Read more

Osterley Park House

Osterley Park c1965, Hounslow
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My goodness, in 1966 my mum used to wheel me here in my pram with my brother sat on the seat at the front. A few years later in the 1970's we had many a great picnic in front of this lovely house. A great afternoon out, giving my mum a rest on the grass for a few hours whilst my brother and I tired ourselves out playing and running around. Not like now 'No Ball Games' allowed.

Further Afield

Osterley Park c1965, Hounslow
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Osterley Park became within striking distance of my Hounslow home once I had a bike and from about the age of 12 (1960) would cycle there with a school friend with our bottles of pop and jam sandwiches, to roam the grounds and generally explore. As long as we were home by the time the street lights came on we had the freedom I don't think children of today have. I remember on one of these jaunts on a hot summer day a groundsman catching us with our feet dangling in the lake in the attached picture and he bellowed his warning that we were sure to catch polio and to get our feet out pronto and get home and wash with carbolic soap! Well, we never did get polio and I am not sure we were really at risk (having been inoculated in about 1955) but I think he scared us at the time.

Ultra Violet Treatment

I lived in Millwood Road and went to Chatsworth Infants and Juniors. I remember going to the clinic for treatment for a pidgeon chest, mum took a photo of me wearing my goggles; it was also used for asthma or chest complaints. I also had to bang a pair of cymbals a lot and remember going for vaccinations there - I used to scream the place down! The smell was enough to set me off. Then we would go to Rainbows for fish and chips after. The summer was the best thing about my childhood, me and my brother would go to Inwood Park every day, in the paddling pool, paddle boats and a picnic in the park...happy days .

Hounslow in The 1950's And 1960's

I am Rosemary Harris (now Davies) and I was born in Livingstone Road in 1943 and was christened at St Stephen’s Church. I attended Hounslow Town Infants and Juniors and then Bulstrode Girls School from 1955-1960, the Headmistress was Mrs Collins. As we lived opposite Inwood Park, it was the place where my sister and I always played in the playground that had swings, roundabouts, a slide and climbing bars. There was a park keeper in those days that kept us safe and administered plasters if we hurt ourselves. In the summer there was the paddling pool, boating lake and tennis courts. The park was always locked at night and the park keeper used to ring a bell to warn us that it was closing. I remember the murder that took place in the park late one night. It was a terrible shock that something like that could happen right on our doorstep. I often played a round of putting on the green in Lampton Park and bought... Read more

Midsummer Avenue

I was born in 1941 in Midsummer Avenue. I remember a little park at the top of the avenue. It had a very large air raid shelter in it which people from the avenue and surrouding area could go to during bombing raids. The children would call it a hill and we would play cricket and rounders on top of it. It seems a shame that it has gone now, as it was part of our history. Not far from the avenue was the Wellington public house, which I now beleve is Sainsbury. The Wellington was surrounded by little shops; Baxters the bakers, Bon Bons the sweetshop, Mr Harris the chemist, Mrs Hammonds the newsagent, Mr Harrop the shoe mender and some others. In the middle of this was where the trolley buses turned round. It is such a shame that it has all gone, I often think of it.

The Lawns Bath Road Hounslow

Does anyone remember The Lawns a row of old houses ,now gone .on the Bath Road Hounslow. near the bell and the car park, High street end. The bus stops there now ,in the car park.

My Favourite Shop

Hanworth Road 1910, Hounslow
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If it was a confectionary shop as if it's the same shop; we used to get off the bus from school & buy sweets from the shop.

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