Hull, East Park, The Lido c.1965

Hull, East Park, The Lido c.1965

Neg. H133105

Memories of Hull, East Park, the Lido c1965

Fresher Experiences

Loved this pool, swimming, was like been abroad, bring back the's more fun swimming outdoors.

Memories of Kingston upon Hull

Geography Department 1965 68

Wow. I remember being unhappy living in digs and cycling up to Uni in my mini skirt. Prof Wilkinson telling me that he 'adored tall women' (he'd be sacked now) or I could have got a first! Wishing I was living in halls. Three years seeming an eternity. Why did I stick it out? What happened to ...Read full memory

A memory of Kingston upon Hull by sue

Commercial Hotel, Castle Street

We moved here in November 1949 - Mother was horrified, I thought it the most wonderful, exciting place to be. The corner room upstairs was used by the previous tenants for pigeons, racing I think. A good scrub was needed before Mum considered it clean enough to hang the washing. My brother and I ...Read full memory

A memory of Kingston upon Hull

Fadges From Arnetts Bakery

It's late Friday night and you're hungry. I mean really late. 2am. What do you do ? You go down Princes Avenue to Arnett's bakery and queue up at the back entrance sniffing the goodies being baked for Saturday, and wait to be served. When the large round loaves come out of the oven, someone cuts them ...Read full memory

My First And Last Jobs In Hull

This is a photo of the Derringham Branch of the Hull Savings Bank where I started as a junior bank clerk at the age of 16 on 31st August 1965, probably around the time when this photo was taken. It certainly looks right. This was my first job after leaving Riley High School, just down the road from ...Read full memory

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