Hunstanton, The Fun Fair c.1955

Hunstanton, The Fun Fair c.1955

Neg. H135117

Memories of Hunstanton

Does Anyone Have Any Photos Of The Old Iron Bridge In Hunstanton

Hi, Does anyone have any pictures of the old iron bridge that crossed South Beach Road? It was next to the house that is adjacent to the roundabout near what is now Tesco. If your photo includes this house that would be fantastic. The house is now in my ownership and I would love to know more about its past if you can help. Thanks, Martin.

Hunston, Not Sunny Hunny !!

I lived in Hunston, for many years, have many memories of the Yanks the kit kat hole in the wall the Casino.I had a garage in Docking and in the latter years a furniture shop i Hunston. For entertainment I think the Country club took some beating on Thursday and Sat nights in the 60,s they actually had a casino there ...Read full memory

If I'd Known Then What I Know Now...

I've picked the year '67 but I honestly don't rememer, it was '67 or '68, possibly even '69. Anyway, my friends and I used to frequent the ground floor disco in The Glebe every weekend. It was the highlight of my week and I really looked forward to it, especially as I was going out with a wonderful young ...Read full memory

A memory of Hunstanton by Anne Bell

Missing Bell

I used to work in Thomas's arcade and I lived at old Hunstanton, so I would walk to work. I would always walk along the cliffs to go home, and it was on my way home one night at about 11pm that I noticed that the bell in the gardens had gone; it was there when I went to work that morning. Strange really after all the years it ...Read full memory

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