Hunstanton, The Fun Fair c.1955

Hunstanton, The Fun Fair c.1955

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Memories of Hunstanton

If I'd Known Then What I Know Now...

I've picked the year '67 but I honestly don't rememer, it was '67 or '68, possibly even '69. Anyway, my friends and I used to frequent the ground floor disco in The Glebe every weekend. It was the highlight of my week and I really looked forward to it, especially as I was going out with a wonderful young ...Read full memory

A memory of Hunstanton by Anne Bell

The Plumb And Spicer Families

Does anyone have any memories of the Plumb or Spicer family from Hunstanton.

Burt And Aunty Mays Shellfish Stall

My Uncle Burt and Aunty May had a shellfish stall in Hunstanton on the sea front by the old red sea mine.  I would only have been a mere youngster then. I can remember going with my Uncle Burt Wells to Wells-Next-to-Sea to pick up the bags of cockles for the stall. I can remember the Kit Kat Club ...Read full memory

My First Job

I worked and lived at the Golden Lion Hotel, beginning when I was 19, fresh out of Westminster Hotel School, when I was a trainee/assistant manager there from 1959-63 or 64, with the exception of the winter of 1962/63 when I worked in a luxury hotel in Munich, for the experience. My German friend, Reinhardt Willner, a waiter ...Read full memory

A memory of Hunstanton by Dylan Rivis

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