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Caledonian Hotel Ballroom

This wondeful hotel was a show-topper in 1948. I could never have afforded to stay here. However my friends and I often came here Saturday evenings to enjoy the party atmosphere and dance the night away.
The highlight of this hotel's ballroom was the 'sprung floor' Plus the advantage of having two stages, one at each end of the ballroom, This meant that on one stage held a 'Modern' dance band, and a Highland Dance Band on opposite stage. Each would play a fifteen minute set and then the other band would play a set. This allowed for continual dancing and everyone had a fantastic time.
The sprung floor made it easier to dance on and we looked forward to our regular Saturday nights here.
I understand the sprung floor and twin bands is a thing of the past,
Can anyone confirm this?

Grandmother Lived at Balnain House

Balnain House 2005, Inverness
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My grandmother was widowed in 1920, her husband having stayed in the Army to tend the graves in France where he succumbed to influenza. Grandmother was left to bring up 6 children on her own with little money. She was given a brand new council house (Dunain Road I think) but could not afford the rent and had to move into a 2 room flat in Balnain House. How on earth she managed I will never know - there was one toilet for 4 families.

It was great to see the old house being renovated but an absolute disgrace that it is no longer a music venue but offices for SNH - most of the rooms are unoccupied meaning it will once again fall into disrepair.


Thoughts of Inverness come flooding back when I remember my time off work at the Glen Affirc Hydro Electric Project in 1949-1950. My two friends from work Bill Collins and Andy Anderson and I would climb into my Morris 8 roadster and head for the 'big city' for a night out. We'd enjoy a lovely venison dinner and a few drinks at a good hotel. Then later on we'd go to the Caledonian Ballroom to their saturday night dances. The young ladies were lovely and we never ran short of dance partners.
This was a wonderful ballroom. It had a sprung floor, making it easier to dance on and less tiring for the dancers as the night wore on. There were two orchestras, one played Old Time Scottish Music the other Modern Dance Music. Each would play a set for about fifteen minutes and then the other would take over.  We always had a great time here and then we'd head back to camp at Cannich in my little... Read more


My name is Philip Beach- my Grandmother hails from Inverness. Her maiden name was Isabel Martin, born about 1890, her sister's name (married) was Euphemia Archibald who lived to be 101 in my hometown of Rochester, NY USA. Isabel married Powlus (or Paulus) Beach, and moved to Nova Scotia, Canada in the mid 19 teens. They had 6 children- 5 girls and a boy, my father Charles Osker Beach. I currently live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and I am 50 years old. Does anyone have a memory of my family?

Inverness-Shire memories


Brahan Castle 1952, Dingwall
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My father T/173106 Driver Ted Israel Sugarman, RASC was billeted with Mrs McLennan in Rose Cottage, Dingwall in June-Dec 1943. She had a husband and son. Dad said she was a lovely lady and welcomed him with open arms; he a lad from the Jewish East End of London. Dad was attached to the Norwegian Army Liaison and worked at the Connon Hotel, whilst the officers lived at Brahan Castle. In 1964 aged 18, I was on a school Geography field trip staying at Tarradale House on the Black Isle, when I visited Mrs Mclennan and she was overjoyed to see me, insisting I stay for tea and home made scones.

Youthful Memories

Born In Nairn, now living In New Zealand. Memories include: the putting green, picking rasps and brambles in the Links bushes, hot orange at Morganti's after Bible Class on a Sunday night, the wishing well in the "big valley" at the links, the rope swing in the "small valley" at the links, swinging on the old bridges up the river, playing and catching starfish at the rocks on the beach, jumping of the groynes, sitting on the pier watching the porpoise, wonderful days at my grandfather's farm - Tomanrroch at Glenferness, vanilla tablet from McColls, merungues and butteries from Fletchers and Ashers, Saturday afternoons at the Playhouse and the Regal, Friday night dances at the Public Hall, fish and chips from Berties shop on Harbour Street, catching tadpoles and bannies by the old stone bridge up the river by the cemetery the day one of Wordies horeses fell and was killed in the river by Fletchers bakehouse, Geordie Patience, and old lady who used to wait for the Cawdor Bus... Read more


Hello there, I was known as Jackie, cousin of Billy Jeans whose nickname was Jock, he stayed at 3 King Street and I stayed at Blackpark Farm on the outskirts. I was a message-boy with the Coop and the manager's name was Mr Rome. I also enjoyed dancing at the public hall and tradespark all on the start off rock and roll, and of course the 2 flick houses plus swiming in lovely East Beach. After I left school I joined the air force and so lost contact with all my school friends, so if anybody would like send me an e mail, bye bye.

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