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Northamptonshire memories

The Nag''s Head

The Square And Nag's Head Hotel c1955, Wollaston
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One didn't have to travel to London in the past to watch pro bands plying their trade. The Nag's Head public house was a much attended venue during the late 1960s and early 1970s for watching many of the (what was then known as) progressive bands of that era. The pub was run by the a very large man by the name of Bob Knight, Bob was a Godsend to Northamptonshire in attracting many bands from London to play in our county. These were the days of Afghan coats, velvet trousers, large floppy hats and ridiculous stack heeled boots! 'Make love not war' was well and truly in fashion and although the place was full every Friday night I never witnessed any trouble there in the five years that I visited the venue, yes, the 1960s had a lot of good points as long as you didn't look too hard at the shopping malls etc. Some of the better known bands who played 'The Nag's' were (I must make an... Read more


The Square And Nag's Head Hotel c1955, Wollaston
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I was born in Wollaston in 1944 and left the village in 1971.I would love to hear from any of my friendswho still live there if they want to hear from me.

R.A.F. Service

I was stationed at Melchbourne 1948/49 and used to visit the Temperance Cafe in the High Street. I would like to know more about Melchbourne House after it was handed back. When I was there it was in a dreadful state of repair. I would think it must now be a grand house again. During the war I think the Americans were there as they were also at Chelvestone and Yelden. Any information I would appreciate. Ken Horton

Summer Holidays

I've put 1980s down, but my memories of Rushden go back to the 1970s, my grandad ran the Works Dept in Newton Road for years and lived in the tied house attached to the Fire Station. I spent the whole of my summer holidays there in the 1980s, visiting the Feathers, King Eddy and various other pubs with them, and I learned to swim in the outdoor pool (we don't have them in Scotland for obvious reasons!). I also had great times with friends in the Birch Road area, listening to 'Ghost Town' by the Specials. Precious memories, as my mum grew up there and was married to my dad in St Mary's Church, she however followed my dad to Scotland and that is where I still live today. Have Google-earthed Rushden and I think I could still find my way about.

Kettering Tyres Ltd

I joined Kettering Tyres in Newton Road in the late sixties, as assistant to the late Cedric "Tiny" Guilford - "Tiny" was a larger than life character in every way - twenty-odd stone and with a personality to match. The Socialist Minister for Transport , Barbara Castle, had just introduced a new law requiring tyres to have a minimum depth of tread - our problem then was not selling tyres but being able to get them in the first place - and every morning I would detour in from my home in Kettering to the company Head Office in Wellingborough to try and fill my elderly Hillman Husky estate car with whatever tyres were available!

Kettering Tyres Wellingborough

I started at Kettering Tyres, Wellingborough, in 1979 after leaving school. I loved that job, worked with Peter. They had an old petrol pump outside where the bosses used to fill their Jags, as head office was over the road was taken over by tsGB not the same.

Life in Wellingborough After The War

My family moved to 121 Midland Road during the winter of 1946 as my father worked in a local paint factory till 1948. There was a huge monkey puzzle tree in the front garden. I was 7 and my sister was 10. We loved that house. We used to belong to the Boots Booklovers library in the town and were allowed to go and change our books on our own. I remember going to the Wellingborough Zoo for special occasions and can still see the polar bear walking to and fro along his cage. We used to collect conkers from the park near our house and give them to our dad for his work, as they needed them to extract the oil for their paint. Our milk was delivered on a horse and cart and poured into jugs at the front door. We kept it in the pantry during the winter and scalded it in the summer, which gave a thick creamy crust for our cornflakes. We had brought a... Read more

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