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Norfolk memories

Beginning of The Great Wiggenhall Wanderers

How well I remember the forming of our local football team.
It came about after everybody would play outside our local primary school, teams of twenty or more each side with ages ranging from small children to ancient grandparents right through summer months until late at night.
It was decided at one such game that we should form a team. a meeting at one of the local pubs "Checkers" and a team evolved. Two team were formed one playing in Black & White stripes and one in orange and white.
A ground was lierally manufacured on an apple field about a mile out of town with an old shack for changing purposes.
What great times I remember watching the team play, of course I was too young, but that young wag Chenery got a game at an early age.
Great times..Great Community..Sorely missed

Tilney St. Lawrence

My warm and cosy memories of these formative years of my childhood whereby most if not all of the village children as well as attending the village school under Mr. Joseph Burns and Miss Offley was the uplifting Sunday school mornings in the Methodist Chapel, Herby Walker and his wife Eady, who played the organ to our renderings of 'Jesus wants me for a sunbeam' etc, and the Chapel Anniversaries when they would take us round the village and beyond to Emneth and back in a tractor driven waggon - organ on board, singing our heart out - Herby running round the houses with his collection box and Dick and Muriel Hayes, Dick was a lay preacher I think, and then! a trip to Hunstanton on a coach with sixpence each to spend - never will I forget it, we had a lovely innocent bringing up and the new dress that my mother Ivy anguished over for the anniversary was always perfect plus white shoes and socks, God bless her.... Read more

Married Here in 1979

Church of St Margaret c1965, Clenchwarton
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My husband and I were married here in 1979

Greatgrandfather - Jesse Bartle

I live in Canada but knew that my grandfather came from King's Lynn and settled in Brantford, Ontario Canada. On a trip to the UK in 1995 I drove from London to Clenchwarton since my aunt had told me that's where he had lived. When I saw the first church I drove into the laneway and when I got out of the car I noticed a headstone that read Jesse Bartle - my great grandfather!!! What a great surprise.

Bill And Joan Turner's Fruit And Veg Shop

My nan and grandad ran a fruit and veg shop in the village for as long as I can remember (I'm 38 now) when the old A17 was the main road through to King's Lynn. I remember people coming from as far as Hunstanton every week to buy their fresh fruit and veg from their stall. If they ran out of anything they just walked into the field next to the shop and cut some fresh cabbage, cauliflower, strawberries etc. Grandad never closed the shop as long as he was awake (open 5 am till 11 pm!), it drove Nan mad. She would cook his Sunday lunch for him and it would be in and out of the oven as he stopped to serve people and eat a little more! Lunch normaly took him 4 hours! People may remember their pets: Dilly the duck and the ginger cat that would attack you if you tried to stroke it! They served tens of thousands of people in their time and if anyone has any memories... Read more

My Christening

St John's Church 1898, Kings Lynn
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On the 1st August 2006 I went to Kings Lynn for the first time since 1935, to visit St Margaret's Church. I was christened there 5th February 1935. My Grandfather lived at 14 Priory Lane Kings Lynn. Is there anyone who knew the Crook Family from that time? Noel Crook

Majestic Cinema

Wonderful memories of Saturday morning pictures - we would all line up outside the Majestic Picture House as it was called and monitors would walk up and down the line to make sure we were not too noisy and kept us in our place, for sixpence  we would see cartoons and a feature film, cowboys or my favourite Flash Gordon, always a cliff hanger ending that brought you back the following week to see if he made it, which he always did, wonderful times, and I'm sure our parents loved Saturday mornings also, got us out of their hair for a few hours, money well spent.

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