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Hampshire memories

Knights of Milford

c1960, Milford On Sea
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The shop with the blind outside was built by my grandparents in 1932, they already had two shops in Milford High Street, opposite the Post Office, a confectioners and a grocery shop. Grandpa and Grandma decided to expand the grocery business to the new premises and the old shop became an off-licence. Cecil and May Knight lived in the flat above the new shop with my dad Frederick, and his first wife Marjorie (nee Casperd) who died in 1942. Grandpa died in 1946 and when Dad remarried in 1947 he and Mum, Joan (nee Dyer) lived above the two High Street shops. I was born in 1950 and lived in Milford until 1968, but returned to work part time in both the grocery and confectionery shops, as family life allowed. The family business (C.L.Knight & Son), which Grandpa had started in the early 1900's was finally closed in 1986 when Mum retired, although the shop in the picture had ceased to be a grocery shop in the early 1970's after... Read more

The Bakery

High Street c1965, Milford On Sea
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Who else remembers the smell of that freshly baked bread coming from the bakery here, on the very left of the photo (where the chimneys are)? As I child in the 1960s I would volunteer to go to the bakers and rush home with that hot, freshly baked loaf and devour both crusts.

The Church

All Saints Church c1960, Milford On Sea
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I have lots of memories of Milford, where I was born in 1962 and lived for 12 years, next to this church, in Orchard Cottage. I saw many weddings, christenings and funerals. There was always something going on. I went to the Sunday school and have fond memories of Miss Berry, the Sunday school mistress. Such a lovely lady. I was in the choir. My Mother, brother and I used to carry the bread and wine in, for Holy Communion. I used to collect the pretty ribbons and half dead flowers, from the grave decorations, when they were discarded by the gardener. I remember being taught, by my Mother, to always walk at the foot end of graves and never to walk over them. I still do that now. I also remember the lovely, old stone font, unfortunately, now replaced with a hideous wooden one. Hearing the bells every Sunday morning, and the chimes of the hour.
One thing I do remember doing with my friend Sarah, was climbing... Read more

Summer Hols in Milford on Sea

All Saints Church c1960, Milford On Sea
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When I was a child, living in Coventry, my parents used to pack me off to Milford to get some fresh sea air and spend quality time with my cousins! My best times were when we went off to buy sweets - I loved Jamboree bags. I learnt to ride a two-wheeler on my aunty Joan's bike and remember lots of gravel in the drive and lots of sore knees in the process. My Uncle George tended the orchards which are now a housing estate - I enjoyed the times spent in the grading shed and listening to the bees in the hives nearby. The churchyard was fascinating to me as I hadn't seen so many graves at close quarters before - I used to talk to the dead, thinking someone might be listening! The beach was pebbly and the water always cold - hot tea and towels were very welcome. I also recall New Forest ponies wandering through the streets as if they owned the place. Total freedom to be me. Happy... Read more

The Hut

My grandmother, Ellen Jane St. John, owned a cottage/cabin/ex-WWI Army Hut, appropriately called The Hut on Westover Road and it was my job when first arriving from Southamton in her Standard 8 car to cut the grass. Being a large area, for my young size, it took half-a-day to complete the task. There was no electricity, the place being lit with paraffin lamps when night fell. Besides walking along the beach to see what destruction the latest storm had wrecked and washed up, I loved to catch lizards as they basked in the sun on the bank that ran along Westover Road. Another enjoyment was helping the milkman deliver his milk early in the morning on the horse-and-cart. Sadly all good things come to an end; we grow up, marry and move to a new country;and neat bungalows are now where grannie's hut used to reside.

My Whole Life

I have lived in Everton my whole life. I love the village. I am a respectable citizen of Everton and have lived for nearly 18 years in Frys Lane.
I hope other people enjoy the atmosphere as much as I do.
Makeala x

First Love

The Royal Oak c1960, Downton
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Having lived at Downton from 1958, I grew up opposite Downton Holiday Camp.
My father owned the builders next to the pub and I bought my first car at the garage 2 doors to the right. Somewhen in the mid 1960s  I met the new landlady's daughter, Diane! Well, despite the age gap (I was about 7 and she was 15-ish) we fell madly in love. Seeing as there were only 3 kids living in the hamlet and only one other girl, this was hardly surprising.  

The hamlet was 1 pub, 1 garage, a Post Office/store and 2 camp sites in what had been gravel extraction yards. In years to come Shorefield Camp was added between Downton and Seabreeze, and we used to be able to drive through Blackbush to Milford-on-Sea, the next biggest village.

Our house was built about 1925 in Shorefield Road, and my mother of 89 still lives there. As I gaze at these photos all the memories of a brilliant childhood, living... Read more

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