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Kings Langley Common

Village Pound c1960, Kings Langley
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In 1946 we left Kings Langley, my parents having lived there since 1936. I arrived in 1937, so can claim to be partially raised there. I must have passed the village pound many times without realising what it was. My home was further up on the left in Common Lane, a house called Merrow Down. I liked it there and liked playing on the common. In winter it was a super toboggan run and everybody turned out to take part. I do know that in one of the cottages to the right of the picture lived a family called Cox. We knew lots of people and 3 doctors were friends of my parents, these being Doris Brown who lived at Langley Common House, Richard Mawson, and Dr Fisher. We also knew the Dean family, who owned Toovey's Mill, Peter Stanley, a dentist,and the Buchanan-Smith family. Mr B-S was a tester for Scammel Lorries. I believe Mill House is still intact. I can remember it being occupied by a family from... Read more

Miss Ovaltine

My Mother Joan Simmonds was chosen to be Miss Ovaltine. She was dressed in a costume which is very similar to the famous one which adorns the front of the Ovaltine, and was used on the front of the tins for a while. She was put into a horse drawn cart in this costume, but I am not sure what the occasion was. Her two sisters, Freda and Frances also worked at the Ovaltine. Does anyone have any memories of this please?

Hertfordshire memories

Growing up in Nash Mills

My family moved to Nash Mills in 1946/1947 my dad run the Coop which was in Belswains Lane next to the George pub the shop was the ground floor of a house and we lived upstairs my brother and I attended Nash mills school the headmaster was called Mr Shackleton if I remember correctly . I can recall having some sort of fete I dressed as a doll in a box and won first prize my dad was put in some stocks outside the three tuns pub I don't know what was thrown at him . My mum was a keen member of the women's institute that used to meet in the village hall . When at school I remember getting told into trouble for going through the hedge into Easts saw mills and the horrible toilets , every year we had to dance round the maypole . We left there as my. dad moved shops and ran the Coop in the... Read more

Langleybury School

Sadly, Langleybury School is no more. I had the good fortune to work for the school starting in 1989 and I continued until its closure many years later when it was merged with Francis Combe School in nearby Garston.

My role was to provide careers guidance to students from the age of 14 upwards and this included tracking many of the youngsters as they had their first taste of employment on work experience in "Year 10" for an entire week during each Summer Term. Most of my work in the rest of the school year was getting to know my students with individual interviews held in the school's "mansion" - an architectural gem dating from the late eighteenth century. Cold and draughty in winter, but inspiring surroundings! At the end of the school drive was a smallholding run by the school to provide students with the practical work needed for their environmental studies. Langleybury School was unique in both character and setting but sadly it... Read more

Life at Langleybury

We were privileged to have lived in Langleybury house from approx 1970. My two boys were born during our time there. We lived both on the top floor of the mansion and in the stable block after the birth of my second son. It's only recently that I have started to look into the history of the building and would love the opportunity to have a nostalgia trip to look around. It was a wonderful old house and during the school holidays, we would have the grounds practically to ourselves. Amazing for children. Seeing photographs of the inside of the place brought back my time there vividly. That grand old staircase. The only thing I don't remember is the cellar - maybe it wasn't accessible at that time. I also seem to have a vague memory of the mention of a message in a bottle. A lot of life has happened since those days but Langleybury remains a very happy memory. I have subsequently discovered, having started to research my family... Read more

Service Quarters Sabine House

The Village c1955, Abbots Langley
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We had a lovely middle floor flat here, while my husband was at HMS Warrior, RAF Northwood. Our son was born at the then new maternity hospital, Shrodells at Watford.  We had a balcony, and one evening when all our husbands were working, it was three floors, 'The Birds'  horror film was on, so when they started attacking the windows, I went on the balcony and chucked some dirt out of my flower pot up at my friend's window who was watching it with the girl from downstairs, hehehe, you should have heard the screams. I also remember my own fridge going BANG in the kitchen, the kitchen had its own little gas fridge.  I loved that flat, and used to walk up the village before and after the birth of our boy, got home one day with my shopping and suddenly thought hold on a minute, something's not right, argh, I had left the baby up the village in his pram, so shot back up there, you couldn't do... Read more


Ovaltine Farm c1960, Abbots Langley
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I remember visiting the Ovaltine Dairy Farm as a child & into my teenage years, my uncle worked on the farm. My uncle & aunt Charlie & Mary Jones & their family lived in the right hand cottage in the photo, until he retired as far as I remember.

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