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Kingston Lisle

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Oxfordshire memories

The Prior Family

During research into the history of my great-grandmother's Prior family, I discovered her sister was born in Westcot around 1854. I have never previously either seen or heard of this village but now plan a visit to try and understand more about my family.

My First Born

In 1955 my husband who was in the American Air Force was stationed a Brize Norton, and we lived in a house which I think was called Brookfield in Uffington. I had my son Gerard at the John Radclife Hospital in Febuary 1955. I am Scottish and still live in Scotland. My son now lives in Buckinghampshire. My daughter and myself are due to visit my son in two weeks time and hope to visit Uffington which I am looking forward to, and I would like to revisit the village and wondered if the house was still there? If anyone knows of the house could they contact my daughter at this email address:
Looking forward to my visit.


Does anyone remember the racing stables in Childrey? We lived there for a short while. I cannot remember the name of the road or much about the place except I believe that someone committed suicide in the bathroom we had, spooky memories, but I also remember going to school in Wantage and riding my bike to the local outdoor swimming baths, no wonder I am still not a keen swimmer. Any information I would be glad to receive, thank you. Jean

A Foreigner's Memories

My other half  and I are having a great time here, in Woolstone at the foot of White Horse Hill for nearly 4 years now. I can only recommend this charming little village to anyone who wants to have an idea of the typical English countryside. Worth a visit for all nature lovers. You are always welcome here.

Orchard Gardens

In about 1972 we as a family moved into West Challow, although with being at a young age I hated it, since moving from Wantage and my friends this it seemed was in the middle of nowhere. I used to cycle most days to Icknield, if not then at least a lift was offered by one of my parents, although quite often I was having to walk home. We owned a Great Dane who I often walked either up the large hill leading out towards Letcombe and Childrey, otherwise I would walk him towards Mellors Garage where there was a small outlet and I would always purchase my ten cigarettes, as we made our way back towards the village along the winding road a patch of grass is where our dog should always stop, he was waiting for me to light a cigarette, on hearing the match strike the box he always knew this was the signal for our moving on. In those years I became the local paper boy,... Read more

Dance Family

For many centuries my ancestors came from this area, the latest person was my grandmother Daisy Dance who sadly passed away very young in 1938. If anyone has any information on her or my ancestors could you please let me know? My ancestors currently stretch back to the1600s. My mother Kathleen Edwards was born in West Hanney, not far away from this village, her father was William Thomas Edwards, he died in 1966, he was married to Daisy Dance in 1929 in Wantage.

The Pound

I used to live in The Pound at Goosey. As a pub it seemed massive to me when I was a lot younger, now I realise that in fact it was really small and intimate for a pub. I used to love the huge open fireplace, the smell of the wood smoke mingling with the smell of the beer. I used to spend many sunny afternoons exploring the village green with its ponds and marshes, fallen trees to climb, secret places to explore. As a child it seemed like an extremely safe and wonderful playground and I have never felt the same about anywhere else I have lived since.

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