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Willie Jenks

North Road c1955, Kirkburton
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Seeing the familiar stance of Willie Jenks reminds me of the Saturdays when I walked from Shelley Lane with my mate Malcolm 'Pinger' Fitton to get our hair cut. We sat waiting for what seemed an eternity to an eight year-old and when eventually I sat in the chair, facing a large mirror with sink under it, Willie was too busy looking at a stripped down old valve radio in the sink next to mine and scratching his head, deep in thought. Eventually I left with the scars to prove it and noticed even at my tender years that my side burns were uneven and there were little dribbles of blood coming from above one ear. My dad nicknamed him 'wireless Willie' and the name stuck. Great memories.

Kirkburton C of E School And All Hallows Church

North Road c1950, Kirkburton
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Adding to Mr Wroe's memories, I believe that the school Headmaster in 1945 was a Mr Henry Gardam and that Mr Ronald Pearson joined the school perhaps 2 years later. In 1945, Miss Innes was the reception teacher, loved by all, and Miss Copley the second year teacher. Miss Hurst taught the next class up and was feared by all. As a 5 year old in Miss Innes class in 1945 we all took our beds into the hall in the early afternoon to have a sleep. We learned to write with chalk on writing boards. Mr Pearson was renown for maypole dancing but also for singing, and sang with the Huddersfield Choral Society. He was the choirmaster at All Hallows church (succeeding Mr Beaumont) from about 1949 until the late 1950's or early 1960's. The Vicar in the early 1950's was the Reverend M.A Maddocks whose son Maurice subsequently became the Bishop of Selby. He was succeeded by Rev John Barton and then Rev Edward Clarke in the late 1950's.... Read more

North Road And The Treacle Hole.

North Road c1950, Kirkburton
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I was at the local junior school, the headmaster of which was Mr Ronald Pearson,when this photo was taken.He lived just beyond and to the right of the area of the photo,in Hallas Road.My uncle Jim Wroe was at one time,Manager of Kirkburton Baths mentioned in another posting and situated close by in the "Treacle Hole,"the lowtown part of the village locally having gained its name from a spillage of barrels of treacle from a horse drawn cart early in the twentieth century.
The small wooden building on the left , now a newsagents did I think serve the same purpose in 1950.The next shop but one was and is still a Co-op butchers ,which,in 1960 was broken into late at night by four youths who,risking death,climbed up a drainpipe onto the roof at the back and got in by opening a skylight and climbing down a rope.Despite finding a drawer full of money all they stole... Read more

The Post Office And The Barber's Shop.

North Road c1955, Kirkburton
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The white coated figure to the right is the barber Willie Jenks,standing outside his shop.He slicked back his hair with Brylcream and specialised in short back and sides.A visit could incur moments of pain from his close cutting mechanical clippers.
A little further away on the right is the original village Post Office, in use from the nineteenth century until relatively recently.In the 1950's the Postmaster was Mr Vincent Walker who stood stiffly upright behind his counter and with distinguished grey hair and a carefully modulated slow gravelly voice was a figure of some gravitas who exuded an aura of his importance in village life.

Memories of my Past

North Road c1950, Kirkburton
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This scene hasn't changed very much. My grandfather Archibald Barnaby Eliott live in the Co-op house which was in Low Town, 'Treacle Ole' as it was called. He used to drive a donkey-cart, delivering coal I think, round the village. My great grandma lived in a one up one down across from what used to be the old swimming baths in Low Town, she had 9 children so I think it would have been cramped. There used to be a photo in the George Hotel of my grandfather. My father George Elliott used to keep the Smiths Arms and I would be very interested to find any history on the building. When I got married my in-laws used to keep the sweet shop next door to what used to be the old barbers by the road crossing.

Kirkburton Primary School

I attended Kirkburton First School (School Hill), prior to this I was sent to a Catholic school in Huddersfield, although living in Burton at the time, there was no comparison, Kirkburton School was like heaven following the Catholic school. I thought Mr. Pearson was wonderful and if you did your best he tried to do his best for you. I thought all the teachers were very good, especially Mrs Schofield, Ms Innis and Mrs Allatt. You were told off when necessary which you did not resent. When we moved to Moldgreen when I was 10 I was once again sent to St. Augustine's Catholic School, which my brother and I nick-named Colditz, what a shock! I was told immediately I would not be the blue-eyed girl I was at Kirkburton, my stay there was hell on earth, and although being of fairly good intelligenge I left school at the earliest opportunity. Kitkburton School was the happiest time I can ever remember of school days, I will never forget it. Mary... Read more

Kirkburton C of E School And Kirkburton Secondary Modern

I have many fond memories of Kirkburton, I remember my old headmaster at the C of S school, Mr Pearson, my sister and I still have nightmares about him and his maypole (lol) we hated it, my fav teacher was Miss Innes. At the secondary modern school the teachers I liked best were Mr Monk, Mr Rothery and Mr Wood (I remember all the teachers' names). I still have some family living in Kirkburton, I used to live in Linfit Lane (my dad still lives there). I was in the Girl Guides and attended the church (All Hallows) and will always remember the Rev Mr Edward Clarke with lots of love and affection.

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