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Memories of Kirkby

Kirkby memories
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The Good Old Days

I remember when I was about ten or eleven, we used to camp out in the back field behind the flats in Rockford Avenue, four or five of us in a two-man tent. After a rough nights sleep we would get up early in the morning and send one of my younger cousins and his mates to pinch some milk, eggs, and bread from the doorsteps after the milkman and the bread man had delivered them. Then we would cook a big breakfast over the campfire. I remember one time we were camping out, it was about two o'clock in the morning and we were all playing cards and being very loud. Next thing we knew was these two lights coming towards us, one minute there were two lights the next minute there was only one. One of the coppers who was coming towards the tent had tripped over the guide rope, which is used for holding the tent up. He ended up down a big hole in the middle... Read more

Paper Round

Can't agree with Mazza about the paper run; for me it was a 'paper round' and I never ever once worried about being mugged, perhaps I was just naive or it was a different era. Not just defending the place, I haven't lived there for a very very long time, just don't share the same memories.

1952 - 1962

After moving many times between Enniskillen and Liverpool, I moved to Kirkby with my mum, dad and two brothers in 1952. There were only a couple of roads finished and after living in a cramped one room, which housed the bed, the table and the fire/cooking range, we had a whole house with a garden. My three wheeled red bike, which I had got for my fourth birthday, got a good airing by my brothers. I used to get the tram to and from school from Radshaw (I think) Nook, which was the stop before the Cherry Tree Hotel on the East Lancashire Road. Does anyone remember if that was the name? Later bus routes were added (NO.15 NO.93 and then NO 500 - express bus which went to Speke). I used to take my two brothers for a picnic on the field running alongside Ribblers Lane (everything fancy of course - bottle of water and jam butties). My mum worked in Kraft Foods.... Read more


I remember when I was leaving Kirkby for Australia it was very cold, it was like escaping from the artic. I remember Vicki Pierpoint from Spinny Woods, hi Vicky if you're still there. Mazza

Pidgeon House

Does anyone remember them?

Paper Run

My brother and I used to have a paper run in Roughwood, soon found out why it was called a paper run! On money collection night when people payed for their week's papers we used to have run not to get robbed. It was a very bad place. I'm glad I now live in Australia. Mazza.

Memories of Kirkby

I remember my time in Quarry Green, and the white council 2 storey flats next to what we knew as "Spinney woods", and the bus turnaround, the pub called "The Black Swan", and then there was the primary school opposite Quarry Green, and I recall the "Z cars" programme was also based on a character at the fire station, Bob Steel. Also the water tower near Roughwood High School. And my first kiss with Janette McNicholl, by the railway line near Melling Drive.

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