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Memories of Kislingbury

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Northamptonshire memories

Car Project.

Squirrels Inn c1955, Duston
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The Morris car depicted in the photograph was overhauled and bodied by my late father, Arthur Parker, in 1951-2. He had removed the body from a c1937 Morris 8 van, overhauled the mechanics and the chassis, and built from scratch a new shooting brake style body. As a 7-year old I was thrilled to be able to help with the work and immensely proud of the result. Unfortunately, when father came to register the car the authorities decided to demand the full purchase tax which hadn't been levied on the original pre-war commercial vehicle. This sum, in the hard times of the early 1950s, was difficult to find and the Morris sadly had to be sold to cover it.

Cappels Shop

I remember going into Cappels shop in the late 1970s and buying kali and liquourice. I also remember going down to Coach bridge, swimming with my friends, and a man called malcolm used to come over on his penny farthing, good times were had by all.

Home to my Family

I have lived most of my life in Nether Heyford, so did my mother and grandfather. When I went away, twice, it made me appreciate "home" amongst the people I grew up with, went to school with and kept in touch with. There were 3 classrooms at Bliss School from 1950 until the new secondary school opened in Duston in 56. Sunday school was a weekly occurrence. Bonfire night, the fair on the green and Christmas plays were annual. The worst crime was cherry knocking or scrumping, and the village bobby was regularly on his bike by the phone box. I was christened, confirmed and married in Heyford Church and have belonged to a variety of organisations over the years. Both my sons and their family have returned. My roots are deep in this village and I recommend village life to anyone.

Distant Memories

My brother and I, were evacuated to Far Cotton from North London, in the early years of the war. Peter was about 10 years old and myself about 7 years. I don't recall much, except we stayed with Mr and Mrs Smith and infant daughter, Joy (?) in one of a row of terraced houses........

Train Crash

On April 18 1967 I was on a train travelling from Northampton to London. It was a sunny April afternoon, with a few small white clouds drifting across the sky. The train was about a quarter full and we rattled along peacefully until we reached a point just east of Milton Malsor.

Suddenly there came the urgent sound of a train's siren blasting repeatedly, followed by violent braking, then the rending of metal and smashing of glass. The train shuddered and vibrated and I got down on the floor, thinking this the safest place. As crouched there I vividly remember dust particles dancing up and down as we shuddered to a halt, and the pipe of a man who had been smoking near me go bouncing past my nose.

We had collided with an empty coal train travelling north, and many wagons were derailed and flung into a heap. Our front powered carriage was derailed and pitched down an embankment. After a long stillness and silence... Read more

Great Aunty Rissa Dunckley (nee Peake)

My Great Aunty Rissa married Mr John Dunckley of Collingtree and they lived at The Poplars (still there) until John died. After his death my aunts, Rissa Dunckley and Ethel Peake, remained in the house until Rissa died. We moved to Wootton in the 30's and I remember my great aunts well. Very fond memories of two ladies already in their 70s. They were well educated and refined, spoke French and played the piano. I have a photo of my great aunts with my cousin Geoffrey (Thomson) and the house they lived in, but do not know how to upload it on this site I am afraid.

Not so Happy Memories

My brother and I were evacuated from London to Northampton for about ten months during WW2. We lived in Alma Street, me at No:21 with an elderly aunt and uncle, my brother at No: 40. I remember the meadows at the bottom end of Alma Street, the park with a stream running into a river, a cinema on the corner by the railway, I think it was called the Roxy? Opposite the top end of Alma Street was a church with a school next door which we both attended. As 'London kids' we were always sat at the back of the class, and moved from one class to another. Occasionally milk was handed out in mugs, we had to wait until last, sometimes there was none left so we went without. There were bomb shelters in the playground. - The school appears on Google Street Maps but looks as if it is boarded up? I remember the next road to Alma Street, I don't remember the name, had a police station... Read more

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