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The Cathedral, Nave And Screen c1880, Lichfield

The Cathedral, Nave And Screen c1880, Lichfield

The Cathedral, Nave And Screen c1880, Lichfield Ref: 12831

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Ivison's Florist's Shop in The Market Square

Market Place c1955, Lichfield
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My parents had a florist's shop in Market square from 1932 -1962, I can see our Morris van parked on the square, with the Interflora logo & our name clearly shown. I was out in Egypt serving National Service when this photo was taken, but the cars & fashions pictured take me back to that era in sleepy Lichfield. The statue of Dr. Johnson is still in the square, but all the shops have changed & the square is just being resurfaced. I now still have a florist's shop in Bird Street Lichfield. Has anyone any more memories of Lichfield fifty years ago?


Shopping Centre c1965, Lichfield
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Drifted past this page for a first time on a wet Saturday.

In the right hand side of this photo is the The Dolly Posh n Dandy coffee bar. Part clothing, part coke and coffee cafe - a well known hang out, smoking and meeting place for King Edwards and Friary pupils. Anybody else remember this short lived enterprise? Do any other photos exist?

I guess this dates this 1968/9 rather than 1965. Also what a ghastly piece of town centre planning  (typical of Staffordshire in the 1960s) the shopping centre was/is - apparently the Victorian buildings that were replaced by this concrete nightmare were full of character and charm.

Friends in Lichfield

The Cathedral c1955, Lichfield
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First of many visits to Lichfield which led to my affection with this city, that my fther had spent time in during his RAF days at Lichfield Drome in 1942. Many friends and contacts were made here.

A lovely place! There are many changes now in 2006.

John Yarnall, Rugeley.

Wedding in Lichfield

I remember attending the weddng of Christine and Tony Cutland. It was a fantastic affair as most of the guests were from a construction company called Turriff . I would love to see Chris and Tony again. I do know they had a daughter named Holly & I do know Christine came from Burntwood and they live in Lichfield now. Chris and I used to drive down to a place called Wing near Leighton Buzzard every weekend to see our boy friends, as they were then, if they see this I hope they get in touch with Miriam, who lives in Rugeley.

Memories of RAF Lichfield

My father was an officer in the RAF and was based in RAF Lichfield from 1954 - 1956. My brother and I went by bus to St. Christopher's School in Alrewas. The school building was on the side of the canal and from one classroom's window you could look straight down onto the canal. I can recall that a boy called Percy (I think) from another school in the village broke both his legs when got off the bus and walked into a fast moving lorry that he did not see. I also remember the aircrew ghost that haunted the airfield. My father was involved in helping to treat the airman, who was in shock after seeing this ghost.


I was brought up in Lichfield and attended St. Michaels Primary School and left to attend Kings Hill Secondary School when it opened in September of what must have been 1957 if my maths are correct. I lived near to Stowe Pool and remember the hours we children spent catching tadpoles there. After leaving school I worked for Sharrott Barnes and Co. Solicitors in St. Johns Street before commencing my nurses training aged 18 at the Victoria and St. Michaels Hospitals in the City. I left in 1971 and moved south a little to Worcester. I remember pushing my daughters pram aground Minster pool.
I visited last week on the 3rd of March to go to the records office (where the staff are extremely helpful) I also took the opportunity of having a look round the town. This was the first time in 39 years I have visited the City since leaving, I shall be returning to revisit my memories during the... Read more

More Foggy Beacon Park

I also remember a foggy Beacon Park, probably 1954. I used to live in the Close, my father being a minor canon, and went to a nursery school (Mrs Allen's) on the other side of the park. I think that one of my parents would bring me to the park gates near the Close and then I would walk across the park to school on my own, yes, at the age of four, but we did that in those days. Later I went to St Christopher's School in Alrewas and would take the bus from outside what used to be the cinema just around from the Market Square. I would travel on my own with a friend, Jason Bell, who lived on Dam St and some "big girls" on the bus would keep an eye on us. We left Lichfield at the end of 1954, when I was just 6.

Foggy Beacon Park

When I was 5 yrs old I can vividly remeber getting lost in Beacon Park in a real pea souper with friends from the farm in the Sandford Street corner of the park and also remember digging old stone jars up from the brook that runs through the park!

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