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Memories of Litherland

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Vicarage St John & St James

My sisters, Anne and Mary, and I lived at the Vicarage, 175 Linacre Lane on the corner of Monfa Road. The church was along Monfa Road. We had a Cable Works opposite and during the war there was no canteen but workers were invited to the vicarage garden back lawn for a cuppa at lunch time, served from our summer house for one penny (old penny!) Ladies of the church served it. For our Saturday pennies there was a sweet shop up the road and a library where we could borrow books. I think there was a dairy nearby and a grocery shop. A woodworking place just down the road had plenty of sawdust for us to collect as bedding for pet rabbits. Windows were blown in more than once and I helped sweep up the glass off our stairs. I was also on the rota at church to deal with any incendiary bombs which might fall on it. Various industrial sites were hit and went up in flames; Bryant... Read more

Living in Litherland

My family moved to Osborne road in litherland as my father got a job in Norwest, we lived in a prefab, i remember all the children coming together to play ball tick, hide and seek, skipping and hopscotch and we called the neighbours auntie or uncle, and I remember the long block of shops in Kirkstone Roadwhich included the dairy, the chandlers where we used to bring our own bottle to put Aunt Sally disinfectant in, the fruit and vedge shop and the post office right at the top on Church Road, i had a schoolfriend who lived in the "tin" houses of Anderson road, which are still there, We went to school at Litherland Moss and the school is still there, my best memory of the school was the huge mural of charles Dickens we had in the dining room of the little boy in Oliver Twist asking for more, we also had shops at the top of Osborne road on the main road, Underwoods and another little... Read more

Palmerston Avenue

Does anyone have any memory of my grandparents, Philip and Margaret Harrington, who lived at No.38? She died 1923, he in 1929.

Researching The Mummerys

I am researching my family, the Mumerys, who lived at 24 Elm Road and owned a bakers which was bombed out in the Blitz on Bridge Road. If anyone could tell me anything else about them I would be really grateful.

My family is over from new Zealand at Christmas, and I'm going to take them round the old family sites. My Grandmother was Lillian and her bothers Ted and Tom. Their parents were Benjamin and Annie.

Thanks very much


During the Second World War I lived in Beach Road in a flat on the premises of Lewis's factory. My father was the manager there. The factory usually made men's clothing for the Lewis's stores but during the war it made army uniforms. It was very close to the docks and was heavily raided and my parents with others walked the grounds and roof during raids to put out incendiary bombs. There was a good bus service into Liverpool - one stop was by the Richmond sausage factory where the conductors used to call out 'dogs cemetery'. My favourite way to get to Liverpool was on the overhead railway which went by all the docks and you could see all sorts of goods being unloaded. the best way to get to the better parts of Litherland was over a hand swing bridge over the canal. I hated this as there was often a crowd of lads who let you get on the bridge and then swung it open to maroon you in... Read more

Memories of The War Years

Our family lived in Palmerston Avenue, and then moved to Palmerston Drive (both named after Lord Palmerston). One of my most significant memories of life in Palmerston Drive was when people living in the whole street had to be evacuated during the bombing because of the threat caused by the fire at the nearby Bryant and May matchworks. We walked by foot during the night over the lift bridge into the safety of the countryside, and felt like refugees. Another memory of the war years concerns when the sausage factory on the main road had to be changed to manufacturing things for the war.

Violet Road

I was born 16 Violet Road in 1960 and lived there up until 1970 when we moved up to Church Road (dead posh). As a kid I played on the 'Matchy' where all my mates learnt how climb and on the 'Rella' where the kids from Lily Road had a football pitch in between the two railway lines that ran to the docks. Happy days when everyones front door was left open and everyone in the street was your 'Auntie' or 'Uncle', we also had summers!

William Thomas Williams

My Father Tom Williams was born at 9 Parmerston Drive on 23 Mar 1902 to Miriam and John Williams.

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