Liverpool, Ss Majestic, White Star Line 1890

Liverpool, Ss Majestic, White Star Line 1890

Neg. 26624A

Memories of Liverpool


I was brought up in Chelmsford Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool. I went to Daisy Street and Lambeth Road. I moved to Huyton when I married, then Isle of Man. Now we live in Australia. It is a small world. I had good memories of Kirkdale. ...Read full memory

May 29th 1959 Voyage To Montreal

Our family emigrated to Canada on the Empress of England in 1959. We left Liverpool on May 29th and arrived in Montreal June 6th or 7th. I was a month short of my 12th birthday and I remember thinking on the ...Read full memory

Scottie Road

I lived in Chapel Gardens next to St Anthony's church, there were only 3 houses in our street, the Greggs, Mcartheys and us Hawkins. I went to St Anthony's School and left in 1957 when we moved to Kirkby. I worked in Scotts ...Read full memory

A memory of Liverpool by Cathy Thomson

The Liver Buildings

This Building and its giant clock was the only way to know the time of day (no watches!) and the tram-car home left the pier-head by this clock and got us home for tea - costing 1d (penny) for a return. You could see this ...Read full memory

A memory of Liverpool by John Williams

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