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Wartime Years in Llanarmon Yn Ial

Shortly after the outbreak of war, my Father who had a pet shop in Wallasey, evacuated the family to Llanarmon.  We consisted of Dad, Mum, my brother Ray and myself.
We moved into Rose Cottage in the village, and my Aunt Ann and husband George moved into a cottage down the side of Beech Cottage which was next door to us.
It was so peaceful and safe there.  My father travelled to his business every Monday and returned on Saturday night.
I started at the village school (Ray was too young) and always remember Miss Wynne who travelled to school on an old "sit up and beg" bicycle.  She was very stern looking, she lived on a farm down the back lane past a chapel with a broken column in the graveyard.  The headmaster was Mr Vaughan Roberts, a very charismatic person who believed in fairies and took us to the Nant to show us where they were, on one of our many walks looking at worms and insects.
I... Read more

Moving to Graianrhyd.

My parents Joyce and Ellis Jones moved into the village shop and cafe, Y Fron, during the last week-end in October, 1969. My brother, David, and I had viewed this move with varying degrees of intrepidation as we were leaving a semi-industrialised area for, at the time, a remote, isolated hamlet. We were to start a new school, Brynhyfryd in Ruthin and to make new friends. We made plenty of new friends but spent very little time in school because from that first week-end until the first week in June we had a fall of snow almost every week which prevented the school bus from reaching us in the mornings but encouraged the children of Graianrhyd to participate in a wide variety of winter sports!! What a winter wonderland with snow to the top of the hedges forcing people to travel to the shop on foot, on horseback and tractor in order to stock up on their food supplies and to catch up with the local gossip.
My parents closed... Read more

Clwyd memories

Village Life

My first visit to the village of Llanferres was in the mid 1970s visiting relatives. Walking to 'Fairy Glen' and surrounding fields, hills, woods and farmland, I was in heaven and still am after 30+ years living in the beautiful little village with its pub 'The Druid Inn', perfect to sit out with a drink and take in the view or sample their excelent food.

Not too far are 'The Miners Arms', Maeshafon, 'Loggerheads' pub and park, and 'The Colomendy' pub at Cadole.

The memory of 1950s is a DVD taken from a cine camera in the early 1950s including a few carnivals, the 50 minute film is in colour but silent including views and many local people, some working on the construction of the Village Hall.

The church is worth a visit and has not changed in all these years except a few more residents.

John Almond has published books on local flora & fauna etc.

The main changes are that the road... Read more

Colomendy Camp School

I attended Colomendy School for about two years, coming from the City of Liverpool. I was fascinated with all the open spaces and especially the mountain - Moel Fammu. I can remember having great times there: walking into Mold Village and day trips out, climbing the Catwalk, visiting the camp cinema, the tuck shop.
Then in 1949 I had to return to Tiber Street School for my leaving. I am now 71 but will never forget my time spent at Loggerheads. The local people were always very kind to us.

Loggerheads/and Colomendy

I remember going to both of these places with Tiber Street School. We went on a double decker green bus, I sat upstairs on the front seat with my mates counting how much pocket money we had for the week. Most of them had more than me but l did not care, I was going on holiday and thats all that mattered. And what a wonderful time it was, open spaces, fresh air, long walks and a visit to a place called 'The Fisheries' does any one remember it? Before I go, I must tell you we had beans on toast for breakfast - it was the flrst time l had tasted them. All to quickly it was back to Liverpool on the green bus. The following week I bought a tin of beans with my pocket money, they are still my favourite food, hot or cold. Happy days... Iris

First Job

Colomendy Camp was my first job after leaving school. I worked in the main house as a maid and then went to work in the dining hall of the boys' camp. I worked there for a year before moving on to the Glass Factory in Saltney. I loved roaming around Loggerheads. My friends and I would scale the face of the cliffs rather than going around the back where it was a little easier.

Year 6

I've had soo many good times at Gwernymynydd C.P. School with all my friends, they are over but I will come back.

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