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Quest For Great Grandparents

I visited Llangedwyn church graveyard on 24 August 2009 with my cousin Gillian Harrington, nee Phillips, in search of the grave of our great grandparents, David and Mary Jane Phillips, who died in 1935 and 1945 respectively, before either of us were born. We located the grave and also the grave of Ernest Phillips, who we think was also a family member. Our grandfather Walter Phillips, the son of David and Mary Jane, left Llangedwyn in around 1913/14, in his twenties, and moved to Hulme, Manchester in search of work. He met and married Emily Booth and they had two children, William (Gillian's father), and Edith (my mother). Walter struggled to adapt to life in Manchester, but family folklore is that, when he did occasionally visit the Llangedwyn area subsequently, he was a different person, happy, chirpy and content. Walter died in 1965, and Emily in 1970. Having experienced what a beautiful, peaceful and special place the whole Llangedwyn area is, it is impossible not to reflect with both sadness and... Read more

Shropshire memories

Small Place - so Much Drama

Llansilin should be the setting for a film or TV serial given the dramatic events that have occured there in relatively recent history. My mother was born in Llansilin in the 1920s and regales me with stories of sad deaths - especially of small children - mysterious travellers, the war time plane crash and various romances and liaisons.

Village life nearly a century ago revolved around the magnificent St Silin Church. My grandfather - Edward Allen Hughes - was the parish clerk, the undertaker and bell ringer. He found time to be father to 16 children too, although one died in infancy. His son Bell carried on the family tradition and moved into Bryn Aber after my grandfather died in 1957. After a life-time of devotion to church life and work my grandfather fell out with the church a few years before his death and never recovered from the upset.

The family home was sold on the death of my uncle in 1997 and its new owners... Read more


Parish Church c1955, Glyn Ceiriog
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I was born in Chirk Cottage Hospital and brought up in Glyn Ceiriog. I had a very happy childhood attending the Controlled School and later the Board School.
I was a member of the Urdd and as a school we travelled and stayed with some lovely hospitable people when attending Eisteddfods in South Wales during the 1950's. There seemed then to be something going on all the time in the Valley concerts, dramas, whist drives, Noson Lawen, Pictures in the Institute on a Friday night. Band of Hope, Gymanfas, Carnivals ( my Mum was always very involved) and of course the Powys Eisteddfod too. I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the flower girls. A small village perhaps, but a vibrant busy community in the 1950's and 60's when I grew up there.

Born Ceriog 1950

I really have little memory of life in Ceriog but would love to hear from anyonr who knw my parents who lived there in the early 1950's. Bertie and Phyllis Brown. I was born in 1950 and although I have as address I think it better not to add it here for fear on invading peoples privacy (same with the names I have. My mother was from Stoke on Trent, father a Southerner.

Where The Drums Never Stopped!

Town c1930, Dolywern
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The house on the left is where we moved to from up on the hill in the background. The window closest, my old bedroom. From some point in the eighties, I started to play the drums. They didn't stop for about ten years and were added to by guitars, bass and keys. I would just like to say sorry to all residents at the time. Having a rock/metal inspired drumming fanatic living in the community, can't of been easy.

Ystrad Hall

I was a pupil at Ystrad Hall and would just like to say that in my time there I have some of the best memories of this lovely little town. I often wonder what became of Ystrad and many of my friends and of course staff members, many of whom were local. The Horseshoe Pass, the castle, fishing in the Dee, the Copper Kettle, I could go on. This is a really nice web site and I will be visiting it lots. Hope I hear from someone I know. All the best . Billy Crawford.

Ystrad Hall

I was a member of Ystrad Hall also - I don't remember you Billy Crawford, what year was you there? Llangollen was a great place, I believe there was a lot of child molesting going on that's why you don't hear much about this strange place - It turned out to be a cash cow for the likes of Dick and the Rat ...

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