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Memories of Llangynidr

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Powys memories

Dan Roberts And His Hippy Friends at Ty Ffawyddog

Anyone got anything to say? I now live in North Yorkshire, and have lived there since 1976.

LLangattock People

I did not know many of the people of the village or much of the history of the village.  However there were some who stay in my memory and to this day I often think about them. All too often I cannot remember their names.  I know nothing of their lives. Their trials and tribulations or indeed if they were born in the village.
One such person was a Mrs Baker (at least that's what I think her name was), a very elderly lady who lived in the centre of the village in an extremely small cottage at the rear of the shop.  The floor of the cottage was laid with flag stones, the walls were bare bricks and it had a very small fireplace and it seemed to be empty of furniture.  I suppose that I should quantify my observations of her home, by pointing out that they are the first impressions of a twelve year old boy who at the time was extremely nervous of entering into what... Read more

A New Home.

My family and I relocated to Llangattock in or about 1955/6.  We came from the American army camp at Dan-yr-Park.  I rather think that the local people thought we were aliens of some sort and regarded us somewhat disdainfully and not to be trusted.  However we soon integrated into village life and I hope we are remembered as decent folk.  We occupied a house in the new estate Plas der Wen and it was a great home to grow up in.  I retain fond memories of it and life in Llangattock.  Some of the memories are unpleasant.  If only because of the attitude of local people towards we people from Dan-yr-Park.
I well remember the local school and its headmaster Mr Parry whom I believe reflected local attitudes.  He was inclined to segregate the camp children from the village chlidren, in as much that we were made to eat our school lunch on a separate table well away from village children. This made me feel inferior and unworthy and... Read more

Rectory Cottage

To be honest the year is a little vague to me now, but it would have been around the mid-fifties that I have my first memories of Rectory Cottage. I was brought up in England, but my father John Elwyn was born there and my grandparents Jack or John and Martha ( nee Morgan ), lived there until Martha's death in I think 1960.
Their graves are close to the wall of the chapel in the village.
Jack was the eldest of 7 and son of Edward and Sarah who lived somewhere 'on the Ffawddog' as related by Dad's cousin who lives nearby.
I remember the cottage as a tradition stone building with small windows and very thick walls. All I remember of the ground floor is that it was of stone slabs and there was a range and a large table. I think there was also a pantry and another room, but I can't be sure.
They had no electricity and lighting was from oil or parafffin lamps I... Read more


I am sorry this is not my memory. I am searching for any information available about the Union Workhouse located in Lower Llangattock. My great-grandmother died in the infirmary there in 1907. I am searching for information about her life there. Thank you.

Where I Started Out

The Bridge 1893, Crickhowell
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I was born in the War Memorial Hospital, Crickhowell in 1949. I don’t remember that bit, but I remember traveling down to Crickhowell on days out just to sit on the bridge watching the water pass by - so peaceful, outstanding scenery, I thought it was beautiful.  We lived in Brynmawr, not too far away. Then years later I loved to go down to Crickhowell in my boyfriend’s car even though he drove too fast down the country lanes.  Yes, Crickhowell is beautiful.  I will always love it there - it's my birthplace.

Sevenoaks Scouts go Youth Hostelling in Wales

Youth Hostel c1955, Crickhowell
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I remember taking the patrol leaders from my scout troop, the 3rd Sevenoaks (Riverhead), on a visit to Wales as we wanted to check out posiible sites for a summer camp the following summer. "Skip" was Mick Ryan who was then an RAF Squadron Leader and his plan was to use his contacts to fix a visit to St Athan where the RAF engineers were based. We found our campsite, made all our arrangements and even had time to explore the Crickhowell Castle. Its surprising what you can do in just a couple of days if it's planned properly!

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