Llanrwst, White Mare's Tail Cascade 1895

Llanrwst, White Mare's Tail Cascade 1895

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Memories of Llanrwst

Market Place

I remember sitting on those steps with my Mother and sisters as we waited for the bus to take us to Dolgarrog to visit my Nain. That would have been the 1950 s. I still live in Llanrwst and have enjoyed seeing these photos.

A memory of Llanrwst by jon5rob

Gowers Bridge

Gowers bridge was not too far from where we lived and was a great place to take the children for a picnic, to learn to ride a tricycle and to skim stones across and see who won, then pick our way to Llyn Bwrw Eira, along the ...Read full memory

Jones The Hand

My grandfather, David Livingston Jones, was born in Llanwrst. His family owned the butcher shop known as 'Jones the Hand' which stood on the corner in the market place. My grandfather joined the police force and moved to Manchester where he settled, married and raised his family.

My Stay As A Young Girl

Or possibly 1968, I grew up in Manchester and the school I went to organised a few days away, staying with local families. Our teachers came too. Myself and a fellow pupil stayed in a beautiful bungalow in a country ...Read full memory

A memory of Llanrwst by Julie Minshull

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