Norwich, Prince Of Wales Road 1938

Norwich, Prince Of Wales Road 1938

Neg. 88659

Memories of Norwich

A Wonderful Childhood At St Catherines

My late father, Rev H Roderick Carter, was the Vicar at St Catherines from the early 1950's to about 1968. Living at the Vicarage meant that we had people ...Read full memory

A memory of Norwich by Richenda Carter

Early Years

Too much to say, so in brief: lived on Wolfe Road, played on Mousehold, fireworks night great and sledged on cardboard in the summer and sledge in the snow; watched the soldiers in ...Read full memory

A memory of Norwich by Gerald Wase

Hector Read

What a great picture as mother worked in the wooden ofice and i would walk from wolfe rd to meet her approx 1958 and back up ketts hill or sometimes gas hill.Happy days.If it was wet Mr Read made me go into mothers office to keep dry.

A memory of Norwich by Gerald Wase

Pow Road Norwich

The wide area in the foreground is actually Agricultural Hall Plain. Prince of Wales Road starts in the background. Roads are quite rare in Norwich - they are mainly streets, lanes, plains and gates.

A memory of Norwich by Richard Slipper

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