Longleat, View From Heavens Gate c.1960

Longleat, View From Heavens Gate c.1960

Neg. L190010

Memories of Longleat Park

Sixties Longleat

Many fond memories of Longleat over the last 46 years: the freedom we all enjoyed as villagers to roam across the estate - the sixth Marquess was always very generous in this respect. The remains of the American hospital were still much in evidence then; dad would drive the car to one of the old stone ramps so that he ...Read full memory

Gamekeeper At Longleat.

Hi Geoff, yes I was on the Longleat Estate in the 1960s, only for three years, I was gamekeeper, on the Corsley side of the Estate. Mr Minter owned the shooting rights over the Estate, with Mr Bill Buckett retained by Lord Bath to manage the deer herd in the park, and the lakes around Longleat House,. I started ...Read full memory

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