Looe, Hannafore And Island 1920

Looe, Hannafore And Island 1920

Neg. 69648

Memories of Looe

Skiddery Rock

I remember as a child sliding down 'skiddery rock'. It seemed so large at the time. Alas, most of it has now disappeared beneath the 'new' promenade. The rock was a large inclined slab behind the 'top' Bassett's Cafe.

A memory of Looe by Charles Tyler

Not So Much A Memory, More Of A Query.

This bridge is usually referred to as a seven arched bridge but looking at this 1888 photograph, there appears to be eight of them. The tunnel nearest the camera still exists and I recall how it once gave ...Read full memory

A memory of Looe by Brian Smith

Large Water Container In West Looe

Has anyone photos of the large water container which sat in front of the Baytree Hotel, presumably used during the Second World War for firefighting?

A memory of Looe by Charles Butters

Looe Island!

This is not as stated. This is a view up Looe river, at the point the river splits east and west.

A memory of Looe by Carlton Fulthorpe

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