Luton, St Matthew's Church 1897

Luton, St Matthew's Church 1897

Neg. 39718

Memories of Luton

My Memories Of A Byegone Luton

I was born in Luton in 1938 and spent most of my formative years until 1965 living with my parents in their small two bedroom bungalow in Mixes Hill Road, Stopsley. I began my education at the Stopsley enfant school ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by johnbarringer70

Not The Same Anymore..

Moved to Luton in 1935 where my parents bought a newsagents and tobacconists in Bishopscote Road in Limbury. Can still remember the war sirens going and watching people hurrying to the Air raid shelters in Blundell Road ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by peterwressell

Youth Club Days

When I was about 13 or 14 I would visit this building which was next to the Grand Theatre on Waller Street. By this date the building was used as a Youth Club. I think there was a nominal charge to enter and soft drinks and snacks ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by Alan Squire

Conservative Club On Market Hill

My father was a member of the Conservative Club pictured here, and I fondly remember going down to the club to have a bag of crisps and an orange juice while waiting for him to finish meetings inside. I used to ...Read full memory

A memory of Luton by Karen Searson
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