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Maltby Le Marsh

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Memories of Maltby Le Marsh

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While doing my family tree I have come across births of my ancestors in Maltby le Marsh, Mary Skinn born 1856 son of John Skinn who married Elizabeth Rylott at the Parish Church on 23rd March 1852. John's parents were James Skinn born 1771 in Strubby and Elizabeth Bullivant. I am looking for any information on this family. CAN YOU HELP? Mark Skinn

School House

I have been to visit the old school house in Maltby le Marsh which was a charity school, run by Cornelius Binks. He was my Great great great grandfather. I know somewhere out there there is a photograph of him with his wife and the children at the school, I would be very interested if anyone has a copy of this as I only have a photocopy kindly given to me by the present owner.

Lincolnshire memories

Holidays With The Family

Radio Holiday Bungalows c1955, Trusthorpe
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I remember as a child in the early to mid 1960's taking many family holidays here in these wonderful bungalows. We spent many a day when it was raining playing Dominoes or Ludo as a family. My elder brother used to catch eels in the dyke that ran alongside of this place. I was very squeamish when he returned with them, thankfully they were never served up for tea. I have happy memories of going on holiday here from Sutton in Ashfield. They were wonderful times and I have a couple of photos that I will load up if I can. I have no idea what has happened to these bungalows now. Any ideas? Please let me know. Thank You Gina X

Happy Days

Trustville Holiday Camp c1955, Trusthorpe
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Since a very early age of about 4 I can rember very very happy happy thoughts about Trustville Holiday Camp. All of my family went there in June every year, in total there were about twenty of us. I can even tell you most of the chalets that we stayed in. First thing in a morning we would go and get our fresh bread from the house over the road, now since moved to a shop in the town, then off for a full fun-packed day of events that was all ready mapped out for us by the staff at the camp.
I myself loved the sports days, I never won but I loved it, swimming gala, never won but I did try, next best memory was the day the horses came to camp, for a ittle payment you could ride a horse for ages, oh oh happy days. Then I used to love the night time, you would have tea early or when you went out you would not... Read more

Radio Bungalows in The Early 1970s

Radio Holiday Bungalows c1955, Trusthorpe
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Looking on the website makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck, what great memories I have of stopping at the radio bungalows! And being chased by the swans at the nearby dyke on your way up to the seafront over the bridge, in fact the sea noise only hit you when as you got to the top of the steps. I remember Dad taking us to Skegness, banger racing in the evening, and getting fish and chips on the way home (the banger racing is still going to day). And I remember walking down to Mablethorpe amusements via the seafront. All in all great memories, that good in fact that I returned to Trusthorpe with my son in 2008 on a camping trip and to go down memory lane! But it isn't the same, you cannot expect it to be I suppose, or maybe I was looking for something else.

Memories of Trustville

Trustville Holiday Camp c1955, Trusthorpe
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I remember going to the chip shop just across the road, opposite the entrance to the camp, also fishing for eels in the nearby sluice. We would also enter the sand castle competition on the beach. We used to travel to Mablethorpe by train and then get picked up by a special bus up to Trustville.

We Lived at Trusthorpe Hall

We lived at Trusthorpe Hall as children.  My mum and dad were Walt and Millie Slater and we were Pat, Janice, and Carole.  Jan and I went to school at Sutton on Sea.  My dad started the caravan site and the club. We had wonderful days there and I remember the man at the old post office in the picture was called Mr Parker.  Mum and dad were friends with Molly and Bill clark and we were friends with their daughter Jennifer.  We used to play on her grandad's farm.  I seem to remember the old man was called Wams.  We were in the 1953 floods and my brother Pat was missing as he had gone to a rabbit show.  However he was eventually bought home safe.  If anyone remembers us I'd be very pleased to hear from you by e-mail.  I took my youngest daughter to see the hall last year and we had a lovely time as it was unoccupied and we were very kindly allowed to look... Read more

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