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Memories of Manningtree

Family Memories

My mother grew up in manningtree, living in the house with the three people standing outside. Standing in the door are my aunt Barbara and either my mother Janet, or her sister Julie. The lady standing on the path, we think, is my great aunt Aggie, we also think the motor bike and side car belonged to Aggies brother Jack.

A memory of Manningtree by jusher40jj

Rnli Sponsered Walk

i was the youngest walker at the age of 10 years old in 19701971

A memory of Manningtree by John Major

Early Memories Of Brook Street

I lived in Brook Street with my family between about 1958 and 1967. We lived at the bottom of the road nearest the High Street and opposite a large pond, which was a source of great entertainmanet to me and my sister at times! We watched local firemen practice fire drill, unrolling huge hoses and aiming ...Read full memory

A memory of Manningtree

Matthew Hopkins Witchfinder General

Essex has the unhappy distinction of having executed more witches than any other county in England’s history, and the first major trial for witchcraft itself, as the main indictment, took place in Chelmsford in 1566 when 63-year-old Agnes Waterhouse of Hatfield Peverell was found guilty and hanged. One ...Read full memory

Schooldays And Beyond

Starting school for the first time was at Mistley Norman School, my first teacher was Miss Temple in the infants we were given a slate board and slate pencil one thing that sticks in my memory we all had a small mattres and after dinner we all had to have a nap.Then we moved from the prefabs to Lawford soI was sent ...Read full memory


I have visited Manningtree only once, but I have an interest in the area as my father (Donald Turner) is tracing our family tree and he has discovered that one of our ancestors - Elizabeth Goodwin was tried and hung as one of the witches of Manningtree  by Matthew Hopkins!  She was accused of casting a spell on a grocers ...Read full memory

A memory of Manningtree by Ann Martin

Growing Up In South Street

i grew up above the old gas showrooms between 1964 and 1975 wen we moved to clacton on sea i have recently had the pleasure to catch up with a few old school friends and people who knew me when i was dee jaying on a disco at the red lion pub in south street in the early 1980s

A memory of Manningtree by John Major

Cafe Run By Artist

I remember going into a cafe in Manningtree that had paintings on the walls for sale, by a local artist. I wonder does anyone else remember this? I would like to know the name of the cafe and the name of the artist. Thanks. PamRG

A memory of Manningtree by flatcolch

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