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Living on Elmer Road, Middleton-On-Sea, 1962 - 1974

I lived there as a young child from about the ages of 2-14 years old (1960-early 1970s). As a young child Elmer Road seemed to be at the end of the world. The main road heading east hit a dead-end and went nowhere. For years our world seemed, to me at least, to be the stoney beach, the village, Bognor town centre and nothing else. There was never much to do... nothing but old people waiting for God. Long summer days were spent bored or worse... up to no good. Cold, windy wintery days were spent messing on the beach in the driving rain. Sometimes the holiday cottage next door to us would be rented-out for the summer to strange but fun families from out of town. That would usually add some excitement to the holidays but they'd leave again just as suddenly as they'd arrived. To kill the boredom I rode my bike and did things I shouldn't have. Usually arrived back home soaking wet... Read more

West Sussex memories

Vue de la Mer. 12 Alleyne Way

Alleyne Way c1960, Elmer
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I would have been two when this was taken. My grandparents Jim and 'Topsy' Robins had number 12 (which can be seen just behind the telegraph pole) built in the 1940s and lived there until my wonderful Gran died. I have paperwork form the original plans for the build. It came in kit form and much was asbestos sheeting! In later years my mother claimed that the only thing keeping it together was the woodworm holding hands! The estate was private and was gated by The Cabin Club. It was built as a holiday let and some of the families came from Sutton and surrounding areas. All my childhood holidays since 1958 were at Elmer and I have very many memories of both the people and the places. I know the area as Elmer Sands, and my grandfather was a founder member of the Elmer Sands Association. Amongst other events they ran sports days along the beach. Diagonally opposite was the putting green. I recall waitng until someone... Read more

Layne Stores

Layne Stores c1960, Elmer
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Two brothers kept these stores. This one and the stores further along towards Middleton on Sea. The family name was Douglas. Beyong this lay The Cabin Club.

Elmer Sands, August Holidays 1950-1960

Approach to Seaway c1960, Elmer
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Our family stayed every summer in the fifties at Elmer Close, where my Aunt Elsie and Uncle Frank Stickings had a wooden two bedroom bungalow. Our neighbours were the Marks and Spencers heirs who had a Summer house. We used to walk along Seaway (photo) a very safe place for children. Sometimes Rob and Phil, my cousins, would stay with us...great times and happy memories.

World Air Speed Record

The Village c1955, Elmer
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Peter Twist, British test pilot flew over Elmer in 1955 and 1956. I remember our family looking up and seeing, at a height of seven miles, an aircraft flying. Then waiting for the sonic BOOM. He flew between RAF Ford airbase to the Solent in the record attempt. My uncle who owned the Elmer Close home ,(wooded bungalow) had a black Humber car like the photo.

Spitfire Crash

Hi, it's not actually my memory but my dad's. He was in the RAF stationed at Ford, a Spitfire crashed in Felpham, I read somewhere it was on the tenth green of the golf course? The strange thing was, when my father was sent to remove the aircraft, they found the remains of the pilot deep down in front of the engine, it puzzled him till the day he died, how this could happen. Does anyone remember this or have knowledge of the crash? I would love to find out more. Thanks, Dave

Church Choir

St Mary's Church 1898, Yapton
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I think it was about 1959 when a new Vicar arrived in the village of Yapton he was the Rev. Nelson. I was 12 at the time, His wife who we only knew as Mrs Nelson decided to start a church choir. So with a few of my cousins and girls I went to school with off we went to see what it was all about. Mrs Nelson had at least two daughters that I remember and we were all welcomed into the Vicarage for choir practice which used to be on a Thursday night if I remember correctly. In the summer practice was held at the church but winter at the Vicarage.

We all loved the choir, it gave us something to do and an interest as in those days there was not too much to do after school. I remember the year we did Handles Messiah it was wonderful, the church was lit with candles and it was full to capacity. I was lucky... Read more

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