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Good Times

S.W.W. Camp c1965, Netheravon
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I was stationed in Netheravon, not sure of the year, had a good time there, played football for the village.

My Birthplace

Mill Road c1955, Netheravon
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It was here in the cottage known as Devonian that I made my first appearance. Mum tells me I was the first 'National Health' child to be born in the village.

Rowes of Netheravon.

S.W.W. Camp c1965, Netheravon
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As a little girl I remember visiting Auntie Alice and Uncle Bill Rowe. They lived in Vine Cottage just down from the SSW Army Camp. Dad was stationed there after the Second World War, that's where he met my mother Margaret Ada Rowe. We didn't vist much as dad came from Whickham, Co Durham. It must have been around the time of the death of her father Francis William Rowe, he died in 1965 in Salisbury Infirmary. My brother and I were playing ball in Vine Cottage's garden, throwing the ball near the shed where our cousin Alexander Peter George Rowe was fixing his bike, he must have been about 17 at the time. Also, I remember my dad going to a white pub a few minutes away, it might have been called the Dog and Gun (I'm not sure). It was just yesterday I had a chance to visit Amesbury, Salisbury and Stonehenge. Such happy memories...

Small Arms Corps, Netheravon 1941 - 1945

S.W.W. Camp c1965, Netheravon
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I'm wondering if anyone can provide me with the exact address of the Small Arms Corps (I believe this is the Camp featured), that existed during the Second World War? My father was a weapons instructor stationed in Netheravon between 1941 and 1945, and I'd like to take him on a trip down memory lane in February. I believe the Military no longer exist in Netheravon, but if anyone has any memories of the Small Arms Corps (Infantry Heavy Weapons School), Middlesex Regiment or better still can remember Leslie Fordham (known as Wally), then please get in touch. He fondly talks of Jerry Seed and Georgie Best, and it would be wonderful not only to take him back to Netheravon (we live in Cambridge), but to meet up with others from his past.

Looking For Pottie Family Who Lived in Avon Banks in The 1950's

I am looking for Catherine, McKay, Johnstone, Pottie (formally Doyle) who lived at 2 Avon Banks in 1951 and would be grateful for any information about any living relatives.

Police Dog Training USAF

I am looking for any information of the time I was training in U.S.A.F class 7 and my dog Rusty, Oct to Nov 1957. Mr Frickey was my trainer. I had spent two weeks in hospital of my 6 week course. Still came out 1. I do remember that Special Forces were traning there at the same time, and one evening we wanted to go into Salisbury and they invited us to go with them. I was all for it until they told us they were going on foot at double time (softie Americans can't take it). We went but did not arrive until much later, need I say more. I do remember the so-called kennel maids were now properly recognised and we all got along well. The worst day was the day we had to go down the run with the dogs on both sides, trying to get us, to meet our dogs. The dogs could sense my fear, but one of the girls came down, went right... Read more

R.A.F. Netheravon

I was stationed here at R.A.F. Netheravon in late 1958 to do trade training for the R.A.F. Police.
I was only here for that duration, and can remember that it was quite cold.
I made friends with a chap called Mike Howard while doing our training, and on weekends he and i used to travel around by thumbing lifts from cars. We were in uniform of course and in those days almost every car that came along would give you a lift, unlike today.
Mike and I hitched lifts to Bournemouth, Salisbury, a village called Mere, and one time managed to get to Stonehenge. Back in 1958 we could walk up to the stones and wander around them. In fact that time that Mike and myself went there we sat on one of the fallen stones and had our picnic lunch that we bought with us from the camp.
On finally passing out after our training was done, I lost contact with Mike, but have very fond memories of... Read more

Police Training at Upavon

I too was at police training school in 1952. After completion I was transferred to RAF Full Sutton in Yorkshire. I was 18 then. I have great memories of my training.

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