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New Ferry

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Merseyside memories

A Chilhood in Port Sunlight

have just spent a wonderful hour looking through the photographs of Port Sunlight, they have brought back so many memories that are as clear as day still to me. I first came to live in the village with an aunt and uncle in1939 ,so of course the war years were quite prevellent in my experience. I lived in Greendale Road, near the junction with Bolton Road (number 72). It was opposite the tie bridge in the railway embankment that runs the full length of the road. Air raids saw us going into the basement of the Lyceum for safety, and in one raid the original Mac Fisheries shop was hit by a landmine and demolished,and much damage done to houses in our area. The nearby bridge and the Dell was a great area for playing. In Winter we used to sledge almost the full length of it, I don't suppose that would be allowed nowadays. We would also bombard the factory girls with snowballs when they turned out -... Read more

The Roundabout

Higher Bebington Road c1960, Bebington
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On the left hand side behind the wall you can just see the top of the roundabout that we used to play on, along with the swings. The wall marked the boundary of Higher Bebington Park. There was a gap in the hedge next to the telegraph pole where you could jump down from the wall which we used as a short cut out of the park.

Tracing Family Tree

Higher Bebington Road c1960, Bebington
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Hi I am looking for any family on my father's sideof the family, my dad's name was Alan Waring, he had brothers Gillie and Walter/Wally Waring and a sister called Dulcie, I think they lived in Bebington for a while before moving to Eastham. My father's mother's name was Dorothy Stocker, if anyone could help I would appreciate it, many thanks.

I Lived in This Road!

Higher Bebington Road c1960, Bebington
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My parents moved to Higher Bebington Road in 1960. We lived almost at the bottom of the row of houses shown on the left hand side of the photo. I too played in the park and jumped through the gap in the hedge! When we moved in there were no houses on the opposite side of the road, they were built in the early sixties. The girls school was built about 1970 which really changed the character of the road. I remember playing in the fields and on the pitch and putt golf course which was situated behind the houses. Long gone, now just a field. My sister used to take me to pick the wild flowers that once grew in the meadowland between the golf course and the Oval sports ground. Surprisingly if you stand in the same spot today, that this photo was taken, things don't look too different. I remember when the old fashioned street lights were replaced with the tall concrete sodium type. No contest... Read more

A New York Child Travels to Bebington

Heath Road c1960, Bebington
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Imagine my surprise, when I Googled Bebington from my apartment in New York City and up came a photograph of a row of houses opposite The Wirral Grammar School on Heath Road in Bebington, and one of them was my grandfather's! It is the left side of the first semi-detached house going from right to left in this picture.  As a child I used to go to Bebington every other year with my mother, who was what we call in America a British war bride. We generally traveled across the Atlantic on a Cunard liner called The Brittanic.  The last time I was there was 1965 when my best friend from high school and I flew over for the summer. The curtains on the windows in this picture were the curtains that were there during that visit. I attended the Rock Ferry Convent School one year, but after that I went to Brackenwood since it was practically in my grandfather's backyard.

Bebington Hall

The Village 1936, Bebington
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My family lived here at Bebington Hall until it was demolished in 1966-67. The Hall was a large place situated where "Civic Way" is today. It was set in 3-4 acres of grounds. The picture you can see is showing the servants' wing, to the back left hand side of the hall. My great-g-grandparents' surname was Ellison. I would be interested to see more pictures on the Hall, and some showing it being demolished. Sadly it should never have been demolished, and had a fine history. Revd Jamie MacLeod

Higher Bebington Road

Higher Bebington Road c1960, Bebington
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I grew up in Higher Bebington Road, my mum lived there from 1957 up until she died in 2008. I have seen so many changes. When we were kids we would pond-dip in the ponds on the fields at the back of the Oval now football pitches, I used to feed the horses in the field at the top of the road now Brackenwood infants school. I went to St Andrew's school when it was in Greenville, there are now houses there. Because we lived in the older part of Higher Bebington Road, few cars would come down, so we would play rounders, cricket, football and tennis for hours on the road, not getting disturbed.

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