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New Tredegar Good Days

I went to New Tredegar Technical school from 1962-67. It was a good time. I lived in Phillipstown and it was a 10 minute walk to school - fantastic. I remember the winter of 1963 and my satchel was ruined by the sleighing down the hill to school (the excuse I made to my parents was worthy of an Oscar). The Tech had good teachers (Mining Institute effect) and it was a very close community. It was overseen by the head (Mr Stanley Jones), he was strict but fair. I had the cane from Mr S Jones on two occasions; the first was out of bounds near the Rhymney river, the second for a group offence of at least 15, year 4 boys throwing snowballs at the girls in the bus shelter. The Tech was good for me and the teachers helped me get the exam grades I needed. I went to Cardiff University and became a teacher in London. I owe New Tredegar Technical school a great thank... Read more

Growing up in Phillipstown, Penrhyn Terraces

We lived in 26 Penrhyn Terraces, my dad was Ted Harris and my mam was Doris. I remember playing out till late; Kemps shop, and Olwins Farm, picking coal off the tip. My dad got his from the pit, we moved to Coventry with the pits and this is where we still live. I hope someone remembers us still... let me know. The Holpins lived next to us but moved to Newport.

The Fuller Family

I wonder If you can help me please. We lived in Grygrymney, near Brithdir Tirfill. We moved to Yorkshire in 1963, against my dad's wishes. My dad was William Fuller, known as Billy Fuller. My mum's name was Vera Fuller. My name is Glenys. My siblings were Billy, Janette, and Tony. They attended schools near. My Nan, Mam Bishop, lived in Brithdir. My dad was born in 1928, as was my mum, Vera. I don't have many recollections of Wales, as I was 5 years old when we moved. Dad worked in the pits for a while, but had a TB kidney, he lived with 1 kidney for over 60 years. He then worked in a butchers, I believe to have been Wallbioffs butchers. We visited home twice a year. Dad was always a true Welsman and always longed for Wales. Dad sadly passed away 2 years ago, Mum 6 years ago. Also Billy and Janette, aged 50 and 53. We had to move, I was tol,d for work.... Read more

Innocent Days

I remember innocent days playing football on Grove Park until you could hardly see the ball. I lived in Greenfield Street and recall tying a piece of string from behind the garden wall to the fence on the back lane and sitting in wait for someone to come along to trip up, and in the winter we would slid down the three corners dumps on cardboard. We never had a lot but it was always an adventure, except for the fact that I lived in 153 Greenfield Street and we always seemed to get flooded, mind you one year we were planning to go to Barry Island for a treat, when we got up in the morning there was at least two foot of water downstairs. Mam said "Well, come on, we are still going, we can worry about it when we get home", and off we went and caught the train from White Rose train station and when we got home after having a great time the water had gone... Read more

Stanley Jones

I am searching for information about my mother-in-law's cousin Stanley Jones. I believe he was the Principal of Tredegar Technical School. Can anyone help?

Small Boy Visiting Granny!

Dad said 'We are going out for the day!'.  I can't remember much about anything at age five/six. What I so remember is coal or slag just about everywhere and a small play area with a big metal slide, Masey (Gran) making me a cup of tea and cake, only small memories? Yes, but it was enought to bring me home 39 years later! You know that feeling, when something is right? Every time I cross that bridge back to Wales my stomach tingles 'This is home!'. You know, they say a true Welshaman always returns home to Wales.
During the course of many years the only time I seemed to meet my relations was for funerals, usually uncles and aunts, and now, well, my own father died ok a few years ago now, but all the ties are now severed, no-one speaking to the family, I seem to be the only one that really cares now! And tha hurts so much. I have four children who will never see... Read more

Gwent memories

My Time  In Tirphil

Whilst born in New Tredegar I spent a great part of my early life living in Colliers Row, Tirphil during the war.  My maternal grandmother Kate Hannan, she had lived in Colliers Row for an unknown period but having bred eight children including my mother Catherine it must have been for a considerable time.

My brother Lawrence and I were sent  back to Wales by our parents to avoid the London bombing, they having moved the family to London when I was three years old. Lawrence went to Bargoed Technical and I went to Tirphil Boys School, known as the Tin Hut.  We both initially had a hard time because of our Cockney accents but the Welsh lilt soon returned to our voices.

Gran Hannan ran an open house where it was quite normal for us to come home from the sports field late in the evening to find ten or twelve people sitting around waiting for the local bus. Gran's son Tom was living with his mother... Read more

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