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Slag Bing

I remember sliding down the slag bing on breadboards we stole from behind the Co -op on Westwood Road. My granny lived on Westwood Road near the sweetie shop which was later bought by Dan McArdle. My granny's house had an outside toilet whitch was about 30 yards from the back door - not funny. I remember an out building where the woman did their washing together in a big wooden tub called a bine, I think. I remember all the kids being wased in the tub on washdays, no mater if your mother was there or not. I remember the wee shop on Westwood Road called the pantry, owned by Ammie Jacconelli.

Memories of Netherton

We lived in the Old Manse at the end of Manse Road; our dad spent all his spare time doing it up. When we moved in it was antiquated and stinky but it ended up a nice house. Our dad was a music teacher at Larkhall Academy. I used to get sent for messages to Netherton Cross, there was the old fashioned Coop which closed in the early 60's, a very old fashioned post office which later became a chip shop run by the Cala Sona polish people. Mcgregors grocery, Jans newsagents and the Balmers bakery - lovely bridies and good smells always. The ice cream shop with the van and fifty varieties of chocolate bar. The whole area had an air of being out of date, and not likely to change till kingdom come. Still i remember it fondly.


I was born in a house on Main St, Bogside (Newmains). There were only 3 railway cottages there and lots of fields. Neighbours were Archibalds. Wonder if this is the same Archibald mentioned in a previous memory?

Bonkle Road Newmains

Hi again. I have moved on to the 60s & I remember my grandfather having a clock & watch repair shop somewhere near the area where the library now stands. The shop had a large clock above the front door & when I was visiting him, he would send me up on a ladder to wind the clock up. We, as a family, visited once a year & always visited Woody Point, a local beauty spot - this was before it went into private hands. My father, who was born in Carluke used to tell a tale of his first job in the 1930s working for the gardeners at Murduston Castle, and was called over by the Laird one autumn day. Thinking he was to be praised, he duly went to the Laird who asked what his duty was, his reply was "sweeping up the leaves from the drive", the Laird then replied that he was not sweeping them up fast enough and was sacked there & then.... Read more

Bonkle Road

Hi, my name is Robert and I have lots of memories of staying with my grandparents & aunt who lived on Bonkle Road, right next to the public bar called The Rowan Tree. Across the road was the bing or slag heap which was a adventure playground to me & my older brother Ian, we spent hours climbing and falling from there, we also used to play in a swing park somewhere down Crindleldyke Road. One highlight of my stay in Newmains was to go to the Italian ice cream parlour for a oyster shell ice, I think the owner was a Mr Mancini or something like that. My aunt, Miss Jessie Brown was a regular church goer at Bonkle church and became an elder to the church. Watch this space for further memories.

Growing up in Bonkle 1955-1965

I can remember going daily to Woody Point to play ,and Marjorie Archibald's horses, Flash and Storm...and the 2 wee ponies at Woody Point, Taffy and Percy.. .great days we had, me and Christine Tyrie, building our houses in the trees. I left Bonkle to go to Braedale in 1965 and had great times there. Being one of nine we were always kept busy, down the burn, at the water swings, and up at the old slag bing. By Elaine Kyle.

Memories of Newmains

My family moved to Newmains from Overtown, we lived in Woodside Crescent. My dad worked in Kingshill pit in Allanton. We always played in the street or went swimming in the Melvin. I attended Allanton primary school then Newmains J S.

Playing Out in Kilmichael Avenue

My happiest memories of our street is of me and my sisters playing with our friends. We played all sorts of games ... skipping ropes ... peever ... tig ... film stars ... swaping scraps ... We were never bored, in fact we enjoyed ourselves so much that we hated when night time came and we were called in to go to bed. We never had much money, but we were always happy.

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