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Court Grange

The Workhouse, Now Part of The Hospital 2004, Newton Abbot
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For a few years my grandfather worked here as an instructor in woodwork.My daughters father our law was also there as an instructor. For many years in the 60s I remember it being run for the deaf. As to the work house I and all my brothers and sisters were born there when it was the maternity wards. My mother worked as an auxiliary in the hospital for 26 years

Care Homes

The Workhouse, Now Part of The Hospital 2004, Newton Abbot
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I was wondering if anyone remembers a home in Newton Abbot called Grange Court. The period I'm interested in is the 1950's. It may have been a residential placement for people with mental health problems or behavioural difficulties. Any information about care settings like this in this area would be gratefully received.

Johnson Family

The Workhouse, Now Part of The Hospital 2004, Newton Abbot
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My grandmother Selina Lucy Tank Hotten fell pregnant at the age of 18 years. Her father, Charles Henry Hotten was a gardener and felt he would lose his job if anyone found out about this. Selina was sent to a workhouse to have her baby, she named her Lucy Hotten, she was born in 1902. I believe that this is the workhouse that she may have been sent to. Selina never told her parents who the father was. Henry Johnson was the father, and when he returned to Newton Abbot from the war he married Selina and the plan was to get their baby back. Selina's mother's sister Mary Spiller, could not have any children and agreed that she would bring up the child with her husband Sidney Court, in Dorset until Selina and her husband had got a place to live and settled down. They never got her back, they tried very hard but Mary and her husband changed Lucy's name to Dinah Court and never gave her back.... Read more

Decoy Country Park Near Newton Abbot

Decoy 1922, Newton Abbot
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This Country Park is signposted just off the Penn Inn roundabout, and my family had a lovely outing there on a hot Spring Day. I have to guess that the photograph illustrated here is the site, because I imagine the lake may be artificial and perhaps didn't exist when the picture was taken ninety years ago. Certainly, I noticed much of the lake edge, fishing stations and boat launch quays appear very new What my granddaughter Anna liked best, was the superb children’s play area which has imaginative and attractive equipment for all ages from toddlers to teenagers to enjoy. She really loved the zipwire! There is a rangers' office for the staff to supervise the Country Park and everything seemed perfect - the lake had many hundreds of birds to watch and keen “twitchers” could observe from hides at the water's edge (not for me though!) Just occasionally, our local councils get something exactly right. So, well done Teignbridge District Council for providing this popular attraction. Our family will recall with... Read more

Haccombe House

Haccombe House 1890, Newton Abbot
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I live at Haccombe House now and would love to know more infomation on its past. If more photos are available that would be great as we have them up around the House!


View From Wolborough Hill 1930, Newton Abbot
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This is where I live in a road called Windsor Close, built around 1995. Views are amazing but it could do with more countryside as it was in past times, as shown here.

Newton Abbot, Haccombe House 1890

Haccombe House 1890, Newton Abbot
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My mother lived at Haccombe House and worked for Lord & Lady Carew from the age of 13yrs. in 1914 until about 1930. The Carew family had other residences in London, Highcliffe (Bournemouth), and South Brent. Their staff (servants) moved around with them during the different seasons.
Haccombe House was owned by the Carew family for many years, there is still a Lord Carew in the House of Lords.
Probably the reason why in the 1881 census there were only 4 people entered is that the family were residing at one of their other residences at that time.
My mother and all the servants were required to attend two services at the estate church every Sunday. In the 1950s the Rev. Keble Martin was the Arch Priest of the estate church which I believe was called St. Blasius. In the 1950s he designed the famous flora & fauna postage stamps, and I was baptised by him in 1937.

Wolborough Church

Wolborough Church 1899, Newton Abbot
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My paternal grandparents, William Harris and Millie Bray were married here 30th July 1921

No idea why they chose this church, although beautiful, they were living in Garston Avenue at the time and there are several churches closer than Wolborough

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