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Newton Le Willows

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Growing up in Newton

Crow Lane East c1960, Newton Le Willows
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I was born in the old cottage on the left, 175 High Street, in 1948, as June Glencross, my parents squatted there after the war, my dad became the local builder. In 1956 we moved up the road to the old congregational church manse, next-door to the headmaster of the grammar school, I think we called him the Gaffer when I was at the school. I used to get into trouble for going to school over the playing fields behind the house, sometimes the dog would come to school looking for me! My dad eventually built new bungalows down the Dingle in Earlestown. There was a toy/model shop just up from the market square owned by Alan Twist, he went to Cornwall on holiday and told us all about the beach with steps down to it, we followed after him and spent several years camping all the summer holidays, and eventually moved down here when I was 16. I remember the dances at the town hall, with local... Read more


High Street c1955, Newton Le Willows
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November 17th 1952 I left home from Earlestown Station for Liverpool to join the Royal Navy as a boy seamen. I proceeded to St. Johns Lane then onto the train headed for London and Ipswich and eventually to HMS Ganges at Shotley.
There I underwent 4 weeks basic training and was home in time for Christmas. Seven weeks in the Navy and three weeks leave, great life eh??.
I served twelve years in Her Majestys RN and emigrated to Canada in 1964, where I still reside. Saw the pictures and remember them all. Dad worked at McQuarqoudales Printers. Mom sewed parachutes during the war. Lived at 220 Crow Lane East, went to Newton Grammar after primary with Alice Randall as my final teacher. Returned in 1973 and 1992, when I visited Haydock Park Golf club where I used to caddy for Sid Smith and Sid Bridges. That day heard Alice had passed away the week before. The Oak Tree is where... Read more

So Many Fab Memories

Legh Arms Corner c1965, Newton Le Willows
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I have so many wonderful memories of Earlestown & Newton-le-Willows and sourounding areas, as a boy I used to deliver milk for Christie's, milk in those days was delivered by horse and cart and the round I was on covered all of Newton and Wargrave area, from memory I think Bill Christie had four or five horse & cart runs and one van run. On some Sunday mornings two of us used to finish our runs by the old crow and we would race the horses back to the farm which was next to the Oak Tree, this was only done when the full time Milkman didn't turn up for work and the boy assistants where left in charge. Yes! what memories could be told, just the thoughts bring a wonderful grin to my face, so many tales eh! boys.

Younger Days

Legh Arms Corner c1965, Newton Le Willows
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I was born in Newton-le-Willows in 1946 and 21 years later married Jackie Emms from Newton-le-Willows also.
During that time we would often spend the evening having a drink in the "Leigh Arms" cocktail bar (see photo). In 1967 we married at "All Saints" church and held our wedding reception at the "Pied Bull" Newton-le-Willows (see photo N149027).
We are still married, now live in Devon and next week will celebrate our 40th wedding aniversory.
Good old "Newton-le-Willows (and Earlstown)!  Ron Platt.

Earlestown 1949-56

We moved from Manchester to Earlestown in 1949. My father had taken the position of Transport Manager at the CWS (Co-op). We moved into the house at 1 School Street that was in front of the bakery, kitchens, stables and transport yard - both horse and motor; a wonderful "adventure playground". The joy of "driving" a horse drawn milk cart at the age of 6 was an experience to remember. I attended Earlestown District school and then Newton-le-Willows Grammar school, and even recall working on the market for additional pocket money. We moved South in 1956.


On my grandmothers birth certificate in 1894 it states that her mother was called Isabella Green-Kaye and the address is 132 Mercer Street, Newton-Le-Willows. In the 1901 census it states that Marjorie lived with Charles & Sarah Burgess and lived at 163 Mill Lane and her last name is Burgess. In 1904 The Burgess's moved to Castle Hill, Bredbury, and the 1911 census states the Marjorie is classed as the adopted daughter of the Burgess's but when Marjorie was going out of the door to her wedding her mother turned round and said by the way you're not called Burgess your name is Kaye! My grandma married David Brown Blane and he came from Ayr in Scotland as a miner. My auntie said that my grandma came from a wealthy family as Mrs Burgess received clothing and money, she had to go to the church and these were passed through the window of the carraige as long as she showed the child and that she was alright. It was said that something happened... Read more

Merseyside memories

Newton Grammar School

I went to NGS in 1939. It was a great school. Those school dinners cooked on site by Annie the cook and the smell coming up the corridor about 11o'clock. I remember when they started building the air raid shelters at the top of the playing fields. Headmaster Harrison, for Latin. No messing about at that school, or Saturday detention! Still have the stamp album I bought on the market after school. Was sweet on a girl in class, Cynthia Cliffe, who lived in Wargrave Road No 43, I think. I lived in St Helen's and used to catch the train every day. If schools were like Newton Grammar now children would have respect for teachers etc...I'm 86 now. Anyone out there from class of 39/40?

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