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North Frodingham

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Memories of North Frodingham

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North Humberside memories

My Childhood Memories of Beeford

Beeford holds many fond memories for me. My grandparents Charlie and Mary Walker took over the corner shop in around 1963. They then turned it into 'Ye Olde Wrought Iron Shoppe' which my grandfather ran until his late seventies. We spent most weekends there and as I grew up I visited often and had many a good night in the Yorkshire Rose which was then the Black Swan. I loved to walk up the lane through the church yard to the playing field where there was a metal frame to swing on, and I also remember at the top of the field was a great big log we used to play on, I don't suppose that is there any more. They were very special days. I believe the old house has now been renovated. My grandfather was a wonderful character much loved by the people of Beeford and his granddaughter!

Memories of Beeford

My memories of Beeford follow those of Ms Smith, as my husband and I were owners of Beeford Village Stores from 1986 to 1992. We had to replace the roof due to woodworm. We had only lived there a few weeks when Beeford was cut off by a severe snow storm, and snowploughs came to clear the roads. Another event I remember was an auction of furnishings from the Ship Inn, which had been purchased as a private home. In addition to a grocery, our shop also became an off-license and a newsagents, open early morning to late evening. My husband also delivered groceries to several outlying villages, including Foston, Kelk and Gembling. He and the Village Stores were featured in a Yorkshire Television Production in which a camera crew filmed his daily routine. We then bought the property next door on the crossroads, which had been Acorn Antiques and was previously a cafe. We turned it into a small bakery attached to the shop. Jeff, who lived next... Read more

Curious Old Woman

I have no memory to share. My interest in Dunnington Castle is that Dunnington is my maiden name. My mother had once told me that three Dunnington men came to the United States and had settled in different sections of the country. My Grandfather Dunnington settled in Wisconsin. It would be interesting to find that they came from Noth Humberside, wouldn't it? I would like to see a picture of the castle if anyone has one.

Place of Birth

I was born in Catfoss at Astral House. Is there anybody out there who knows of this place and where it is today? 8,ls14 1 br


Gertrude Margaret Whytehead (Daisy) was our grandmother. She was the daughter of Henry Yates Whytehead and we believe her mother was also Gertrude.
They lived at Bewholme Grange and Granny may have been born there in 1878.
She was the eldest of a large family. We know of Alice, Leonard and Frederick but we are sure there were more.
Henry Y Whytehead may have been a doctor.
We have an old black and white photo of the house but don't know when it was taken.
You could have a copy if you wish but I'm not sure how to send it by e-mail. I'll investigate if you like.
We would like to know when the house was built and if a member of our family commissioned it.
We'd like to know where family members are buried if in this area.
Liz Sowerby

Top View Stores

Top View Stores c1955, Ulrome
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I lived at the house on the left - The Chalet. I lived here from 1938 -1959. The eastern end of the house was the village shop and was known as Top View Stores. Records of the house were traced back as early as 1784. When the roof was recently refurbished, the original timbers and roof joists were un-trimmed and had the branch stumps attached. The footings for the walls also consisted of large boulders dating back to its construction and were obtained from the beach nearby.
In 1947 the snow was higher than the walls and fences at the front of the house. During WW2 the west end of the house was used by troops based nearby for recreation and village whist drives.

Atwick Holidays

Top View Stores c1955, Ulrome
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our family ( from Bradford ) , me and 2 sisters rented one of the chalets at the end of cliff road in the mid fifty's I think it was 2nd from left in on the cliff top .Can remember the garden getting shorter as the cliffs collapased each year. pill boxes onthe beach to play in
and trips down to the farm at the end of Cliff road for fresh milk. The RAF used to fly targets over the sea for planes to fire at. Trips into Bridlington for the yearly trip on the Boys Own or Yorkshire Belle. cannot remeber it raining

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