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Grand Dad Jabez Johnson

c1960, Oakengates
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Family legend has it that Grandad took a small party of friends for a pint or two in Oakengates. At the end of the evening for a lark he undid the traces and when they set off the horses went and the cart tipped up, to great hilarity. I also remember Mrs Hitchen, at the end house a few houses up from Gran, who's address was 61 Stafford Road; she would be sitting on a stool wearing a sack apron plucking chickens. Other memories. Running from tree to tree down the Cockshutt piece, sitting on the meadow below making daisy chains. Blackberry picking with Gran over the line at the bottom of the garden. Going round the back of Parks's (?) and looking in awe at the "rookery" and the cacophany of noise they made. Going to the Fountain pub for a bottle of Wrekin lemonade. 8.00 am listening to the "dodger" coming up from the Brick'l chugging very slowly uphill heavily laden. Staying a while with my... Read more

The Nabb & my Grandparents

c1960, Oakengates
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As a child brought up in an urban district of Manchester, it was nice to visit my grandparents who lived on the Nabb, their names were Joseph and Mary Hayward. Their house was either number three or five; it had 2 bedrooms, gas lighting and shared the lavatory with their next door neighbour. On the plus side they had a huge garden where they grew fruit and veg of all kinds, and a chicken coup for a bountiful egg supply. One of my ancestors was Samuel Hayward born 1795, an iron miner. I have often wondered if he was the Samuel Hayward who was involved in Dawley massacre in 1821 who was sentenced to death and got a last minute reprieve. If anyone can give me any input in this, I would be most grateful. My elder brother aged 84 tells me that the Albion Bank was originally a cinder hill, but who knows.

Wrockwardine Wood Girls School

New Road Schools c1955, Oakengates
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I am almost certain this is the Wrockwardine Wood girls school - it has since got larger & is now a mixed school.

Memories of Oakengates

My memories are that my late mother and father had the public house The Crown Inn in Market Street, Norman and Elizabeth Rowe, I was eight years old. My sister got married at St.Georges Church in 1962, I was eleven and went to school at Wrockwardine Wood school and was girls only. We left when I was 13 years old and we moved Dawley Bank to another pub The Old Red Lion, and then finally to other pub The Royal Exchange, Burton Street.

The Manse, Wrockwardine Wood.

Hi I am trying to find the relatives of Peter Hutchinson who lived at the Manse, Wrockwardine Wood, Oakengates possibly just before/during WW2. I have no idea whether he was the Minister or a family member. If you know anything about him, I would be delighted to hear it. I have found something of his. Thanks Jo

The Hope Family.

My Gran, Alice Hope was born in Oakengates in 1878. I have her and her family living in The Furnace Houses during the 1880's through to the end of the 1920's when her Dad died. Her Dad was James and her Mom Jane Ellen. The children were Clara, John, known as Jack, Mary, known as Polly then my Gran Alice who moved to Birmingham to marry. Then we have Annie who they called Nance, she moved to Manchester to marry. Elizabeth came next she was called called Lizzie then Louisa called Louie and the youngest James who also moved up north to Mexborough. I would love to know if I have any cousins still living in Oakengates or anywhere else for that matter.

Owen Family Oakengates/Wellington

Does anybody out there remember the Owen family that once lived/worked in Station Fields, Oakengates during the 1920's-1930's?
The dad was Bert and the mum was Mary. Mary died 1933 and left a young family of at least 4 children, one being my father, Clarence.
Due to the young ages of the children, dad and his elder sister Mary don't remember very much and it would be a great help to find out some information for them.
My grandfather Bert was a coal miner on dads birth certificate and it states that the address of Station Fields was where he was working at the time. Was there accommodation there also?
I also have '18 and a half' Holyhead Road, Wellington as an address on his certificate. Did he happen to be born at his father's place of work?
If anyone can help I will be most grateful.
Kind Regards

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