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Mrs Cobb

School Camp, A Dormitory 1950, Ogmore-By-Sea
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Was this used by Mrs Cobb who ran the Brownies in Bedford to bring children for a weeks holiday during the summer holidays? Any I formation on this building please thanks.

Childhood Day Trips

I am now 62 years of age and remember many coach trips to Ogmore-by-Sea from Cardiff with my parents when my brother and I were small, always thinking how cold it must be to live there in winter. Never in a million years did I think that I would actually live here and for a long time I have been trying to find a photo of the former cafe, on which our house now stands. I think I have now found it (Ref 072102) and am elated. I see that the road was called Shore Road in 1951 which has now become Main Road.

Mid Glamorgan memories

Southerndown Villas

Villas 1901, Southerndown
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I feel that the house on the right was called 'The Ferns'. My family and I were evacuated to Southerndown in 1944 and after staying in one big building near the Three Golden Cups, were moved to the upstairs of ;The Ferns'. At that time there were two other families there also but eventually the ground floor was occupied by a family called Keeble and we (Langrish) were upstairs. My father painted Walt Disney characters on the walls of the small bedroom and I occupied one of the attics. I have fond memories of the summers there and can remember the winter when we were snowed in. A group of us used to walk to school in St Brides but of course that has been replaced by housing.

Dunraven Hotel

Dunraven Hotel 1901, Southerndown
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When my father joined us from London after the war he went to work in the Hotel and I have a photo of him looking smart in his uniform. The Hotel was altered eventually and became the Sunshine home for the Blind for a while I think.

The Ferns

Villas 1901, Southerndown
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The Ferns was my grandparents' house during the late 1950s - 1960s.  Their surname was Edwards. (Ellen and Lewis.) My mother (Anne) spent many happy times here. I wish they were still here to share these photos with but unfortunately my nan died on New Year's Eve 2008 and my mum 3 years ago.  My mother used to say she was in the top floor with the window to the side of the house and this room gave rise to her phobia about spiders! She said she used to play on the beach and that there was an elderly lady who used to take a dip every day what ever the weather.
I recall also that while her parents were away for a while, her boyfriend came over and built a porch to the front of the house. As far as I know it is still standing. So on my grandparents' return they were welcomed home by this new porch! I think the 'boyfriend' was called Bruce and I think... Read more

Cherished Memories

Slon 1901, Southerndown
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My mother, Nancy Owen, was born at 'Slon Cottage' in 1906. Her father, John Richard Owen, worked for the Booker family of Slon. The Bookers originated from Velindre House, Cardiff. Nancy Owen's mother was Mary Ann Owen (nee Cosby) of Merthyr Mawr. She met her husband to be, John Richard Owen, when she was postmistress of the Post Office at Merthyr Mawr and he, John Richard Owen, worked for the Nicholl family, who owned the Nicholl estate at Merthyr Mawr. The Bookers were a kind family, who gave private education to my mother via their governess, which helped her to become a nurse. Her mother, Mary Ann Owen, was in the Red Cross during the Second World War, along with the Booker girls - and they worked at Brig-y-don and St.Margarets. There were only 3 houses along Slon Lane in 1901 - being Slon, Slon Cottage and Sandy Mount. During the 1950s I fondly recall trips to Ogmore-by-Sea (its name was changed in 1920 from Southerndown to Ogmore-by-Sea) with... Read more

Swinging Bridge

What a 'Swinging Bridge' it was at Merthyr Mawr back in the 1050s! I don't know when it was changed to a 'solid' bridge, but how it ever survived the rough handling that we 'Cottage Homes Boys' gave it every year...Well! Amazing! We would walk down the lanes from the 'Homes', past 'Island Farm' POW Camp, then on past 'Bluebell Woods', and 'Primrose Woods' (if there were girls with us, we'd detour into the woods, quite innocent really!), then on again past all those beautiful conker trees (which we scrumped every year), the tennis club, and then to the village. Does anyone remember the very big 'Punching Tree''? We used to get all the younger boys to punch it, to show them that it was indeed possible to hit it hard without hurting your hands! It was in front of that big house on the main road, or was it the Church? The tree still had a patch of missing bark, the last time I saw it! OK, now onto the Bridge! We... Read more

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