Old Coulsdon, The Pond c.1960

Old Coulsdon, The Pond c.1960

Neg. O106033

Memories of Old Coulsdon

Prefabs At Goodenough Way, Old Coulsdon.

Does anyone have any pictures, ground or ariel, of the prefabs in Goodenough Way in Old Coulsdon, around 1950/5. I used to live there. Many thanks Lesley nee Boxall.

A memory of Old Coulsdon

Leaving Old Coulsdon

I was born at 52 The Glade in 1960 and can remember a happy childhood, although my mum was a single mother (unusual then) and we struggled with money. I remember the parade of shops near me up the hill and especially the sweet shop with Mr Newby as owner. I went to school at Keston and loved it there. It had a ...Read full memory

Purley County Grammar School

My father taught at what was then Purley County Grammar School for Boys, from about 1935 to 1948 (with a break for war service), when we emigrated to South Africa. Like another memorist, I remember the sweet shop on the parade, where I used to buy liquorice sticks which my mother hated, as they invariably ...Read full memory

Fond Memories Of Old Coulsdon

Remember Old Coulsdon well, moved there when I was 9 or 10 in 1963. My father worked for the CEGB in Croydon. We left Old Coulsdon in 1972 for South Africa where I still stay today. Went to Keston Primary and later to Taunton Manor High, worked at Newby's as a paper boy and also at South Downs Timber ...Read full memory

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