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Gloucestershire memories

Dr C Hirst

Briefly, I have acquired a doctor's bag, I believe belonged to Dr C Hirst of Pillowell near Lydney, Glos. It was left by a lady who was born and brought up in Lydney. It is not in pristine condition but it seems a shame to discard it if a historical society in the Forest of Dean area could add it to a collection of local memorabilia.

Shadrach Jenkins

My paternal great great grandfather came from Bream, Gloucestershire on July 31st 1831. He was the 10th of 14 children and was born at Oakwood Mill. He started work when he was 9 years of age, minding doors at Brunswick Coal Pit, Mosley Green, 3 miles away from home for 6 old pence a day. By 1872 he had married Sarah and had 6 children; two daughters & 4 sons. On February 11th 1878, he travelled with his son John, who was born in 1857-[my great grandfather] to The... Read more


My great great grandfather was born in Oakmill, Bream on July31st 1831. He was one of 14 children, they were--- Elizabeth born 12.06 1812- died 22.02 1885 Samuell born 15.09.1815- died 08.05.1892 Thomas [t] born 24.06.1818- died 02.08.1873 in America Maria [t] born 24.06.1818- died --.--.-- John born 14.02.1822- died 14.04.1854 in America James born 24.25.1823 - died --.--.-- Daniel born 14.04.1826-... Read more

Born in Oldcroft

I was born in Upper Oldcroft, we had neighbours of Mr and Mrs Cooper, where we used to get water from their well. Horace and Rene Turley, Jim Cox and Family by the huge walnut tree. Cissie Thomas where we used our ration books. Two doors away was Mr Wood the Baker. Any children of the village went to Viney Hill Primary School, Mr Kerwood was headmaster, the next headmaster was Mr Green with son Benjamin and daughter Gabrielle. My elder brother used to lay goal keeper for Old croft, I started to play for Viney Hill football club. I was one of seven children eldest was Gerald, Veronica, Margaret, Keith, me, Valerie (unfortunately passed away earlier this year) and youngest was Colin. We were all church goers and attended Viney Hill Church 3 times every Sunday, and choir practice tues/wed.
If there are any other people out there that lived their at this time I hope that you will contact me,
Grahame Savage

Memory of Soudley

Steam to Stratford, in the early 20's James Joiner (a contractor from Soudley) assembled his convoy of Traction Engines en Route to Stratford Upon Avon to start the new Sewer Contract which was awarded to Joiners for £57,000.
He used Forest Coal miners who were unemployed, to tunnel under the Town Streets to engineer this prestigious contract. My late father, Roy James Bevan was a 15 year old traction engine Driver's mate, starting his own career as a transport pioneer buliding up a Transport business in Soudley with his brother. The photo shows the road to Sutton Vale towards Littledean. When I worked for my father we road tested vehicles on this stretch of road. On a more romantic note, it was along this road I courted my late wife Ursula - we used to walk on Sunday evenings to the Top Ponds.

My Sister Mandy

Myself and my husband Roger had visited Soudley Ponds several times when travelling around during weekends away and my younger sister Mandy loved to listen to tales about where we had been and what we had seeing and doing. Roger and myself loved Mandy and her husband John and had spent many many happy times together over the years. We decided one day to take them to see for themselves and along with their daughter Sophie aged 10 we had a lovely day. The weather was quite damp and it had been raining. We arrived early and decideo to walk around the pond while we waited for the Heritage Centre to open. As we neared the end the sunlight broke through the clouds. It hit a willow tree standing on the other side of the pond. The tree was heavy from the moisture in the air and heavy droplets were falling into the water from the drooping branches, one of the most magical sights. As the sun broke though... Read more

Terrett Taylor, Ironmongers

Clock Tower, High Street And The Tump c1960, Coleford
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This photograph brings back many memories of the Coleford of my childhood. The area round the Town Clock has changed a few times over the years mainly to accomodate the increase in traffic. The building on the far side of the clock in the High Street was a huge ironmongers called Terrett Taylor & Co. It was owned in the 1950s by Mr H. J. Walker and my father Fred Fowler was the Manager, having worked there from the age of fourteen in 1924. It was also a Builders Merchants with an extensive yard stretching back to the railway station. Once a year my father would enlist our help with the stocktaking which was a massive task and many hours were spent counting screws and weighing nails. The shop itself had many rooms which were a joy to explore. In the main selling area were two long wooden counters with drawers both underneath and behind. Further up the High Street on the left was the Post Office, and opposite a Cinema owned at... Read more

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