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East Sussex memories

Going to School

I remember walking to school (the old school) through the woods at the back of the church 1958ish,we then moved to the 'new' school at Darvel Down. I myself lived at 49 Darvel Down up until about 1960 when we moved to Crowhurst. I also remember making camps on the 'waste' and playing down in the 'gorse'. If by any chance anybody remembers me you can conact me via e-mail:

A Forgotten Piece of Netherfield History

On 4th October, 1940, a Hienkel HE 111 h-2 bomber crashed nr the Mountfield Gypsum mines. Only one crew member survived, his parachute was caught in a tree. He was rescued unhurt.

I was only five years old and still remember the event vividly.

Due to the threat of Invasion, my Mum and I went to live with my Gran and Grandad -Charles and Sara Crouch on Netherfield Hill.

Late at night, we heard the bomber crash over by the Gypsum mines, the plance came down close to the miners path that leads from the "shooting box" nr Netherfield Church close to the mines, only 700 metres, as the crow flies, from the church.

We got up very early next day so we could look at the crash. there was the parachute still hanging from the tree. Gypsum mine workers, including my Uncles, were stripping what useful items they could from the wreck. They thought it... Read more

Darvel Down

We were among the first half dozen families to move onto Darvel Down back in 1949, I think. We originally occupied No.43 which was one of the handful of finished houses and in those days the estate was a builders dump. The only shop was run by a Mrs Rushton (opposite the White Hart) and she stocked stale crisps and very old packets of soap powder. It was to be another five or six years before the estate shop was built and my very first job was delivering grocerys around the estate on a trade bike. The Netherfield Arms in those days was a real spit and sawdust pub run by a very old lady, Mrs Roman and she was quite happy to serve us kids with pints of shandy via the back door. After getting settled into No.43 school was the next objective, and what a delightful school it was - only two classrooms. Miss Bingham in one and Miss French in the other, we had a quarter... Read more


I used to visit the Fullers Arms in Brightling on my motor cycle, starting at the Banks Cottages and making the circle around the reservoir to Brightling, then to Dallington, and then Netherfield and finally to Johns Cross. It made a nice evening's ride and I had a few beers, happy days.

Ninfield Primary School

I used to live at Thorn Farm Lunsford Cross Ninfield, from when I was 7 years old for about 3 years. I went to school in the village of Ninfield. I was in Miss Parr's class and then the top class with the headteacher, Mr Tweniffery (I think I have spelled that wrong). Does anyone remember me? My friends were Jenny Allen who lived on a farm down the road from me, Heather Johnson who lived in the village, and Jane who lived in a pub, The Squirrel, a few miles away. My maiden name was Pickering. Please contact me if you remember me.

Long Walks

Thatched Cottage And School c1955, Catsfield
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When I was a little girl in the early 60's I often used to take long walks along here, and I used to visit the farm to watch Peter Jenner milking the cows. I also had a crush on Peter but I was only 6 and he was 14.  I wonder what happened to Peter.  My late mother went to the school in the picture and was born in Hermon Cottage in Catsfield and that is where my auntie Violet lived for most of her life until it was turned into a doctor's surgery then my auntie moved across the road into one of the cottages.  I have wonderful memories of holidays here as I lived in London.  Catsfield will always be close to my heart.  My mother's maiden name was Saxby and there have always been Saxbys in Catsfield for centuries.   When my mother died my sister and I had her ashes interred in the old church yard in Catsfield up on the hill together with my father's.
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Mummy's School

Thatched Cottage And School c1955, Catsfield
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My mother Doris Saxby attended this school.

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