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Stirlingshire memories

Cowie Village - Between The Wars

Does anyone remember the McAteer's of Murdock Place or Sauchinford in Cowie, or the Bruce's, Judges or Kilmurry's associated with them.

Nan Martin From Fallin Nr Stirling.

My name is Nan Martin, I was born in the Blocks at Fallin in 1943 and lived there until I was about six or seven years old before moving to King Street. The Blocks is a place that is locked in my memory and can never be revisited as it doesn't exist anymore. Of all the places I have lived in throughout my lifetime, the Blocks hold my strongest memory. It was like a childs adventure playground, with it's coal bing where we collected buckets of coal until dad got his ton delivered from the pit. The drossy bing that we used to slide down on shovels. The jumping over the Co op wall and pinching the jam jars that were kept at the back along with the empty ginger bottles, which we used to take back into the shop and get money on them. The gummy pond where we collected frogspawn in jam jars, and watched it change into tadpoles. The tip where folks would sneak out at night and... Read more

School in 1951

I remember walking to school in the snow, and standing in line while Captain Gracie came down the line to check your ears etc were clean. My name then was Irene Rich and I lived at 41 Hawthorn Drive. We all had some really good memories there, playing down the woods, and it was always safe to play outside at night time, playing rounders, oh the memories...

Home, Fallin.

Nessie McManus (nee Rich) I remember lots of things about Fallin, how we used to walk all the way to school, home for lunch, back to school and home again, must have been all of at least 1 1/2 miles every time. I certainly remember Captain Gracie, we,"our crowd", there were about 5 of us, were quite well behaved because his daughter Anne was one of our crowd, and the times we were caught doing wrong she got "strapped" and we had to watch...not funny. Even at our tender years we were careful not to get caught too often. I have a few photos of Fallin.

Fallin Primary School

I remember the old school which was opposite the kirk and also Tortilano's ice cream shop. I started school in 1951/52 I think it was, and Capt Gracie was the Headmaster who ruled as though he was still in the army. I lived in Hawthorn Drive, or was it Crescent, before moving to Balure Crescent. I also remember the big fire at the end of Balure Crescent where there were someone killed. I also have a sister, Pam, who was born in1950 and went to Falin School also. I also remember Sinclairs newsagents shop, by what was then the swing park, with the police station across the road, and the PC was called Bill Cummings and had a daughter Lorna. The doctor was called King and lived on the road up towards the pit. I has a friend there called Hugh Blevines.

Mr Whippy

I remember visiting my auntie, Eleanor Boyd (Fowler ms Ryan), she lived next door to the man who had an ice cream van. She had a great tree in her garden to climb in. I would love to hear from anyone who has any photos of the blocks where she grew up or any info on her or her family. She had two daughters, Margaret and Eleanor Fowler, and later another daughter, Edith Boyd. She was involved in the community of Fallin, I know that at least. Thanks in advance for any photos or info, Kathy

Number 1 Kersemill Cottages

I started being accident prone at an early age it seems. My parents lived at the above cottages with me and my big sister. My dad was a meal miller and worked at the meal mill just up the the road to the right I think, from the house. There was a smiddy close by, out the door and to the left was the big house where the Kings lived. As a toddler I was in the local hospital at least twice once because of a fall which resulted in a stooky being put on my arm. Apparently I managed to remove it and mother had to take me back to have another put on. I believe they were somewhat disbelieving that a wean of about 18 months old could have done it. I stood in my cot and wriggled my arm out and was very triumphant in showing what I had done.

Recently my sister and I went looking for the cottages/mill. We were pleased when we found... Read more

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