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Pontyberem maps

Historic maps of Pontyberem and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey and Samuel Lewis.   View all Pontyberem maps

Pontyberem photos

We have no photos of Pontyberem, although we do have photos of these nearby places:

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Pontyberem area books

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Memories of Pontyberem

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Dyfed memories

Bancfosfellen, Pontyberrem

As a child I spent all my holidays on a farm owned by my uncle, Reg Wood and his partner, Marion. This was from the year 1964 approx. It was off the main road but then turn off down a track which seemed to go forever. There was no one around for miles. We used to fetch calves from the market in the back of his Landrover. There was a man called Martin Mahr who used to sleep in the barn seasonally and worked there. One of his friend was called Morlis Ward who had a farm some miles away. I know this is a really really long shot but if any one has the faintest idea what this farm is called I would be eternally grateful. I remember we stopped at a small shop or post office and even though it was a distance on the people knew exactly where it was and who lived there! These days were some of the happiest of my life.

My Childhood

I was born on Heol y Baw, which is off Heol y Dre... one of the pictures you have on here is of a cottage on Village Street ..known as Heol y Dre.. I spent many many hours in this cottage, when the Morris`s lived there, they were a mining family. My house was around the corner on Heol y Baw, next to Cwm y Glo Farm. The house was owned by the Coal Board. My foster parents Mr and Mrs Roberts lived there till Mr Roberts retired from the pits, then they moved to Is y Llyn. This is another part of Cefneithin, it was a brand new council estate. I was around nine years old, I went to the school in the photographs and have a lot of good memories of the place. My friends now live in the cottage on Heol y Dre, have sent them a link to this page. x

Isaac And Magretta Griffiths

My grandparents, who lived in Cross Hands and later in Trimsaren until 1939, are both buried at Tabernacle, Cefneithin, along with my great grandparents, Asah and Mary Jones. My other great grandparents were David and Sarah Griffiths. I'm trying to find out more about my family history and any members of the family who are still alive. My Nanna also told me that her grandfather was a minister named John Evans and I would also like to learn more about him.

Miner's Daughter

I was born in Gateshead Tyne & Wear. When I was about ten years old my Dad got a job in the pits and we moved to a new housing development in Carway. All of the families came from outside of Wales to work in the pits. I went to the local school which was ill equipped for the huge influx of children. I was in a class with my sister who was two years younger as they couldn't accommodate us all. When I was eleven I went to the Lower Gwendraeth High school where we were made to learn Welsh. I remember knocking about with Derek Wiseman, Derek Goode, and Dorothy Hall among others. I had a friend called Rosemary who was Welsh and lived in the old part of the village and often played with the Davis/Davies children who lived on the local farm.

Felinfoel Brewery

I lived in Brohawddgar. I can remember the smell of the hops from the Brewery around 1955 and the Chip Shop opposite the Brewery, although can't remember the name.

Sardis Cottages

My maternal grandmother Catherine Rosser lived in Sardis Cottages, until she died in 1958, her husband William Henry Rosser lived there until his death in 1962. They are both buried in the local church

Growing up in Caerbryn

I was born in Caerbryn in 1949 and I lived at 4 Caerbryn Terrace along at that time with my granny and grandad, mum and dad and my sister Gill who is thirteen months older than me. The terrace was then just the twenty houses and we knew all of our neighbours. In 1951 the twins Malcom and Judith were born, 1957 Caroline was born and in 1958 Ricahrd was born. I have happy memories of growing up there as we were free to play outside as we grew up. We used to climb up the Old Colliery tip, go down the Felin in the summer time and run about in the fields. But today all those features are gone as when the Open Cast Miming company came to caerbryn in the 1970s ormaybe later the Tip disappeared, the felin disappeared and the field became a football pitch. Happy memories though

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