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Memories of Pulley

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Shropshire memories

Bomere Pool Near Bayston Hill

I grew up at the Masonic Arms in Belle View, Shrewsbury. When I was a child my mother and I used to cycle to Bomere Pool near Bayston Hill to pick primroses in the spring. She used to tell me about the legends that it was bottomless and also that some people said there was a village at the bottom and sometimes you could hear the church bell ring. It was a wonderful wild and mysterious place. We left Shropshire when I was 14. I tried to take my husband there in the 1970s when we were visitng for the flower show but we couldn't find it. I recently discovered the work of Mary Webb and am reading 'Precious Bane'. I recognised the setting as Bomere Pool. It brought back so many memories. I've heard it is now owned by a water sports company, what a shame!

The Dingle And Percy Thrower

The Dingle 1923, Shrewsbury
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My frandfather, Ernest Thomas Sloane, was the Editor of the Shrewsberry Chronicle for many years. During this time he was approached by someone from the BBC who asked if he had a local story of interest. Grandad mentioned how a young gardener by the name of Percy Thrower whho had designed and made The Dingle the place of beauty it is today. As Ernest Sloane was unavailable on the day, my father, Ernest Patrick Sloane, was sent to interview My Thrower, who agreed to the interview which in turn led to his fame.

Moving to The Shrewsbury Area

The Dingle 1923, Shrewsbury
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My dad was posted from Strensall in Yorkshire to Nescliffe in the beginning of 1959. We took a steam train to Shrewsbury, then a bus to Nescliffe. At night the family of 3, plus cat in a basket, plodded across a field to the married quarters there. It was a hot summer and the Everly Brothers were playing "wake up little Suzy". We had a charabang to Lake Verny - 12 of us. We also went to the county show where we were delighted to meet the great Percy Thrower, what a nice man. He looked (to me aged 7) like my uncle Arthur, a good honest gardener, specialising in runner beans and dahlias! I also remember the cave near the married quarters, up on a hillside,we called it Robin Hoods cave and there were giant butterflies there. It was magic for a 7 year old,

Expensive Christmas

Frankwell 1911, Shrewsbury
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My great grandfather Edward Harris was arrested outside this public house on Christmas Eve 1904 trying to rescue his stepson from the strong arm of the law. He was subsequently fined 50 shillings!

Renewing The Farmers' Overdrafts at The Bank!

The Lion Hotel c1955, Shrewsbury
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I spent a couple of weeks as a relief manager during the 1980 summer holidays for branches of Williams & Glyn's Bank and have happy memories of my time in Shrewsbury. The bank accommodated me at the Lion Hotel where the old coaching inn ambience was really lovely.

However the word got round the farming community that the manager was away so several farmers took their chance to come and see me instead to renew their annual overdrafts facilities! They didn't do anything quite so crude as to bribe me but their hospitality was magnificent! I loved the place and the town but the farmers kept me so busy I hardly had enough time for sightseeing.

Hornimans Tea

Abbey Foregate 1896, Shrewsbury
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I used to live at No 52 on the left of the picture, in a flat on the 4th floor. I was only 7, I remember the first night while lying in bed I heard a screech of brakes and a dog yelping. The next morning my mum told me that a dog had got killed on the road. I can remember wanting to go back to my old house, but I was very cautious of that main road, especially after having moved from a quiet country lane, but as I grew up, I was allowed to cross that road to go to the little grocer's shop, where I couldn't wait to buy the Hornimans tea for another free card inside to stick in my book.  The trees always looked pretty and heavy with leaves, and it did block a lot of views, but when they were cut down because of disease, we could look right out over to the hills of Church Stretton.  I remember across the road and... Read more

Fish And Chips

Frankwell 1911, Shrewsbury
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My nan used to live in Darwin Street, just up from this picture. I always used to stay at her house on school holidays, and she used to send me down into Frankwell to buy fish and chips and mushy peas, from one of the houses left of the road which was converted to a chip shop. There used to be another chip shop on the other side of the road, but I wasn't allowed to cross the road.  I always used to spend the change on 1d sweets, in Everyman's, the shop which seemed to stay open for ever, or just around the bend in the photo, to the paper shop to buy a comic, you used to have to go down a couple of steps to get into the shop, which was always the first to get flooded out when the river burst its banks. I remember loads of times having to walk the planks with my nan......scary stuff then.

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