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Childhood Memories of Pwllheli Holidays

West End Promenade c1950, Pwllheli
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My family used to go every Whit week to a guest house run by a Mrs Bradshaw at this end of the promenade, late 1950s - early 1960s. It was very special. Driving towards the seafront the road went steeply upwards until at last - a view of the sea, and that beautiful smell of seaweed, which takes me back to Pwllheli when I smell it now. We arrived in our Morris Minor with a trunk on the roof full of our clothes. My sisters and I had a room that overlooked the back garden and Mrs Bradshaw's washing line. My parents had a room overlooking the sea, and we had a downstairs front room to use as our private sitting room. Mrs Bradshaw served meals, and we always looked forward to the Welsh lamb and mint sauce. We would spend most days on the beach just across the road, or go to other beaches at Llanbedrog, Nefyn, Morfa Nevin, Abersoch, Tudweiliog, or Abererch, where there was an echo.... Read more

Troed Yr Allt

The memories of Troed Yr Allt make me smile. I have family connections with Pwllheli.

One of my cousins was a teacher at Troed Yr Allt. She now lives there!


As young parents along with our two daughters we would spend many happy vacations in Pwllheli.  Mostly at Butlins Holiday Camp. So many happy memories, arriving at the camp, hoping we would get Blue Camp as it was closer to the amusements and the tennis courts.  The times we would visit the Pwllheli Market. So many happy memories of Pwllheli.  Even now to this day we still talk about those happy days. Both our daughters are grown up now with children of their own so perhaps one day they might take their own children to show them Pwllheli.

Picton Castle

I lived in Picton Castle,and as a thirteen year old, I delighted to throw plums off our tree down into the playground of Troed Y Allt school,and watch the scramble of the children take place! It was whilst we lived there that the entire walls were covered with stone pieces, and I would enjoy jumping off the scaffold onto a big heap of sand. Happy days indeed.

Troed Yr Arllt

I went to this school in 1957 my teacher was Miss Jones she lived near Pwllheli she always wore a smock flowery pattern when she was teaching us she was lovely also i remember Wendy Shields

Gwynedd memories

Summer Camp

At Sir Josiah Masons Orphanage in Birmingham where I was bought up from 8 - 16 years old we ran both Guide and Scout troops. During our senior years we went to camp at Abererch in the Summer holidays and this was an event that was anticipated with relish, months in advance by those entitled to go.
The camp always coincided with the village children's sports weekend which took place in the adjacent field and we were encouraged to participate. It's probably my age but I recall us always doing rather better than the local children, having said that its probably a selective memory!
The train journey was noisy and exciting, living under canvas and all that went with it was great fun, the visit to Butlins was a highlight, the beach and swimming in the sea was excellent and the sun ALWAYS shone - simple pleasures but happy days.
At our annual Old Masons Association Reunion, Summer camp is a topic that invariably arises with "Do you remember when....."Read more

Wonderful Childhood

I lived in Crib-y-mor with my grandmother, Emily Roberts, and my mother Patricia Jones (both originally Williamson). I lived opposite Tom Roberts and at an early age developed my own system of visiting everyone. First I would go across to Tom's and follow him around watching him weld or milk the cows or help with plucking chickens. One day we came across a snake and he despatched it very quickly. Most days I would put on my wellies and walk up the lane to the Doctor's cottage and race snails up the kitchen window! Next port of call was Errol's, a girl much older than myself, where I would follow the ducks and be chased by the geese. Next was up to the stream bounding the Pool's farm which I would dam, and then onto the farm. There were 3 Poole sons, David was oldest and I cannot remember the other two. Sometimes I would spend the night there and go back home next day. We left to go... Read more

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