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Radcliffe Market

I remember queing for my first ice cream cornet in the town's market just after the Second World War, and this queue went all around the market, and, boy, did it taste good!! The market was such a busy place in those days. It was such a busy industrial town as well, but it is now, I am sorry to say, what might be called a "Ghost Town." There are quite a few well known people, who, like myself, are proud to call this town of Radcliffe, their "Hometown." It was the home of the famous "Radcliffes" from the 12th century, and one of this families ancestors is the one known as the, "Rat" in one of Shakespeare's well know plays --- Can you guess which play this was!! --- In the 1950s its cricket team had the likes of famous players Frankie Worrell and Gary Sobers playing for them, and, I think, Radcliffe's Cricket sponsers were the first to bring these two famous cricketers... Read more

Lancashire memories


Does anyone remember the Ropers living in Stephens st in Breightmet in the 1940's? My Grandmother was Mabel & my Grandfather was Leonard, he was fighting in WW2 at this time.

Looking For Brooks's From Ainsworth

My name is Simon Brooks and I am looking for people that may be related to me, however distant. Having done quite a lot of research on my family tree I have discovered that my Brooks ancestors have lived in or around Ainsworth from about 1700 – 1900. My Great Grandfather was called Edwin Brooks and was born in Ainsworth in 1876. He was the son of Thomas Brooks (b1851 d1915) of Ainsworth and Ann Brooks (maiden name McAvoy – born in Scotland). Edwin had a lot of brothers and sisters all born in Ainsworth them being; Mary Ann Brooks (b1870), Marshall Brooks (b1875 – d1893), Amelia (b 1878), Wilfred (b1881), Barbara Brooks (b1883), Bessie Brooks (b1885), Alice Brooks (b1888), Ellen Brooks (b1888), John Henry Brooks (b1891), Clara Brooks (b1894), William (Willie) Brooks (b1895), Maggie Brooks (b1897) Robina Brooks (b1900) I would welcome any more information on the above people and would love it if anyone knows of any living descendants of these relations and they could ask them to please contact me as... Read more

Moving to Whitefield

I moved to Whitefield from Birmingham just before my 5th birthday. We went to live on Hill Top Close. We lived at the last house and there was nothing but fields for miles. I went to school on the bus every morning as it was too far to walk. I went to the primary school near Stand Church, I have forgotten the name, then moved on to Victoria Avenue where I stayed until I was 11, then I went to the new school opposite my house which was called Whitefield Secondary School. I have great memories of going to Stand church every Sunday and the Sunday School. Before that I went to the Congregational church at Besses oth the barn where I was in the Sunday School and loved it, we did so many things. As I got older I went to the youth club in Whitefield where I had great fun with my friends. My parents moved to Park Lane in Whitefield in the early 1060s and I moved... Read more

Playing Football on A Cinder Pitch

My only memory of Whitefield is turning out to play football for Manchester YMCA in a league fixture away from "home" in 1967. It was a reserve team game, we paid our own bus fares to reach the park, I grazed my knees badly on the cinder pitch and we lost!

There were no changing facilities and I dripped blood and cinders all the way back to Manchester on the bus!

Spring Water Area Off Lily Hill Street

My gran, lived in the little cottage down the hill near the old dye works and Springwater House - a mansion type house where the Rusden family lived till after World War 2. I am looking for any old maps or pictures of the area, and especially R & A Chambers - the works name and the big mansion, Springwater House. It was all fields and river Irwell in those days of 1959, and had not really changed much since 1940's. After grandpa died, gran moved out and it was all left derelict, the big house was already derelict in '58 but now all gone, and all that remains is the stone trough and gatepost in Springwater Park.

My Memories of Whitefield

Hello my name is Muriel Minshull, I was born in Whitefield and lived at 1 Statter Street, the two cottages are no longer there. I went to school in Whitefield, my teachers were Miss Cook and Miss Roland, oh she gave me hell - I think she was happy when I left to go to Australia. I still have the child's bible given to me at my Sunday School. My two best friends were Keith Young & Susan Jones. I have been back on numerous occasions and although I live in western Australia it still feels like home when I go to Whitefield.

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